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I am always in the right place at the right time successfully engaged in the right activity whether I know it or not. -Leonard Orr

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The key to changing the world

The key to changing the world is recognizing the source of your external perception.  As Gandhi echoes, you must 'be the change you wish to see.'  You can think about this on a personal level, related to your body and life or, go deeper, to focus on the impersonal, to recall the origin and nature of true leadership, and grow into a living example of that.

As it happens, ancient leaders in Great Earthly Civilisations saw and governed from a holistic perspective. True leaders were not ego-driven but functioned based on a strong heart-mind connection.  Everything early leaders did was seen through the activated Third eye or heart centre. Many people in the the modern Age have forgotten how this feels, what it is in practice. The downfall of Great Civilisations can be traced back to ego taking control. The cause of the Fall of Atlantis, and disintegration of Great Civilisations that grew from dispersed Atlantean survivors, illustrate this well. (The wisdom of Atlantean survivors is felt to be reflected in ancient Greece, Egypt, South America, Mayan/ Toltec Mexico, Tibet,  and other places, some of which have mysteriously disappeared in ways unrelated to egoic control)

Encouragingly, the global trend is to recognize what humanity is doing collectively in not working. The nature of interest and desire to act related to the environment, economic and governing systems, are all shifting.  New kinds of collaborations and partnerships are arising that did not exist before. New interaction is being explored and timeless wisdom is being rediscovered.

Come what may, the key to changing the world guides one to the authentic message of transcendence and unity that echoes through ancient traditions and works. The moment is arising where it no longer makes sense to denounce anyone or entertain negativity. Every being of wisdom knows the life-breath intimately.  Awareness of the life-breath united with the upward breath, together with insight into Self, creates the most desirable world.


What if you choose to believe?

Imagine how your life changes as you choose to believe something with all your heart.  Human beings often fall into the trap of saying, "it could not happen because..." or "I cannot see how it could happen."  This kind of outlook is common.  Remind the self how to rise above self-defeated thinking;

Consider the pro tennis player Melanie Oudin.  Recently in the 2009 U.S. tennis open, this 17 year old athelete surprised many people by reaching the quarterfinals.  She attributes her stellar performance in part to the word "believe" that she has on the sides of her sneakers. This reminds her and everyone else that the power of belief catapults you to incredible heights.

Consider country music singer Heidi Newfield.  Although she is known for her harmonica playing and other roles in the band Trick Pony before she took steps to launch a solo career, not so long ago she was parking cars as a way to make some income.  Her belief in her talent, potential has inspired hard work that catapults her up the charts.  The title of her first album, "What Am I Waiting For" encourages everyone to ask this question in the context of their lives.  What about you?

Consider the pioneering physician Patch Adams. You may have seen a movie with Robin Williams based on this true story . After committing himself to an psychiatric hospital because of thoughts of suicide, he learned he had a gift to help patients help themselves.  He signed himself out, attended medical school later in life, and achieved top marks despite rattling scientific authorities with unconventional healing methods. 

Patch reminds people of the power of laughter and compassion to heal. His non-conformism almost got him kicked out of school.  And yet, not only did he graduate and inspire peers to rethink their relationship to fellow humans, but he lived his dream to build the Gesundheit hospital which helps thousands. His unwavering hope and self-directedness enable him to knw what is possible.  He inspires positive action and as Gandhi says, "become the change you wish to see in the world."

Then, there is the case of Greg Mortenson.  He is the author of bestselling book, Three Cups of Tea.  Years before the book unfolded, he was on a mission to climb K2 to commemorate the death of his sister.  As it happened, he became lost in a remote valley of Pakistan and was helped by strangers.

In return for the kindness he was shown, he promised to return and build a school for girls.  The book is based on a foundation he formed that has enabled him to support the construction of more than 50 schools for girls in remote area. He did not know how his dream would happen, and yet the universe helped him find a way. You are not meant to know the "how." You are meant to believe you can and know it is done.

Now, step back and reflect on where you are and where you are going.  What if you focus your energy and choose not only to believe in the what you are already doing, but also to know what you are? Where is the mind right now? You have seen laughter and tears. Your innersight senses something new.  Your heart and soul always support your journey. What do you believe now? How is your life already changes right in front of you? How is supernatural intervention involved?