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Surprise yourself.  Be the unexpected. Feel your dreams into your new reality.

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Feel what it is to be truly alive

Every moment invites you to find fun and light-heartedness in whatever is happening. Feel your way into what enables you to be truly alive. Let the soul be your pilot. Imagine no limitations, no doubt. Tickle yourself, crack a smile, come what may.

Be aware that as you let go of pockets of resistance, what you dream arises instantly. You are all that stands in the way of not loving every moment to the fullest. Be bold, daring. Discover what is beyond your wildest imagination. This is an open invitation.

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Reader Comments (2)

Over the winter I was more or less in a hibernation state, living in a place that no longer resonated with me. A heaviness came over me. When I was able to leave the area, it was amazing how much more lighter and peaceful and quiet the mind was now that I had left the gravity of situation I had put my self into. I wasn't being true to what made me tick or ticklish, and so I was a tired bear to live with, being effected and infected by the unconscious behavior that surrounded me. And then when we moved from the region I came alive again, in direct association with spring and that which was already green and budding and blooming here on the west side of the cascades. Life was bearable where a bear was happy to be out of its cave. And so I was wishing for some guidance, and I had a dream last night... a rather clear and energetic dream filled with vibrant energy.

The short version of the dream was that Stacey was coming along well on her own and that I was given a very small old styled leather backpack to begin my journey again from another angle or dimensional viewpoint. I came across a young guy who was kinda hard to get through too.. ... I have been a bit dismayed at meeting a handful of this next generation... and was quite shocked to discover the levels of awareness they were at. It seems to have declined since I was surrounded by that age group... but maybe its just a reflection of what I am expecting from society. So i am definitely learning compassion when it comes to those who are seemingly in the dark to knowing how to live and how to get through to them the obvious.

But anyway, i guess i was taking this kid to The School and suddenly thought I was there and had to go to school too. Well, I suddenly looked at my class schedule and had to go to the top floor to take a class with Alan Alda. Well I used to just love his creativity, his wit, his comic genius, his dramatic flare, and his rebel nature. And so I get to the main floor area and the place is crawling with young people. There is a man and woman who are standing on some pedestal directing the students in case they needed help. Well, I needed to go upstairs and saw the elevator, but it had been out of order as of this morning. And so I went to this woman and was going to ask her for directions. But she already knew what I was going to ask and said that I didn't need to go upstairs to take that class and that I had already graduated... And i said, you must have me pegged knowing what i was looking for. And she said no I didn't have you pegged at all. ( meaning i am free floating type).

Anyway, I walk away from the scene temporarily being confused by what to do, and suddenly look down on the ground. Interestingly there is soil on the ground and the most beautiful beetle comes to the surface with a vibrant bluish turquoise color. I connected with it instantaneously with my curiosity. And then I see the woman on the pedestal again and go to talk to her in this connective mood. I ask how do you know me. Well, I have been monitoring your file and chart and have seen that you are peaking like a mountain top above the curve. This means you have graduated. There are no grades. There is no where to go from here. So in a sense... how i have been living my life with great and open mountain views is all I need to not have to learn anymore within this school. And so I asked what I am to do? Whatever you desire to do... So in essence I just have to live and connect and have fun wherever I go. Apparently I am to stay on the main level with what i have already learned or downloaded from the higher levels.

So What I learned this winter was to keep following with my curiosity without the need to feel obligated to anyone or to any place in general. Just see and experience and draw into my life that which I want to feel.
April 2, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterbern
At any given moment, as you let go of or shift focus of attention from what no longer resonates, you recall what its like to be light as a feather. You download the program of beetle, woman on the pedestal, mountain, and everything else that emerges in your midst. Flow seamlessly from one form to another without judgment. Be here now. Feel the incredible lightness of being that is true essence. You are always in the process of a conversation with God, a dialogue with yourself. Brace yourself: I am That. I am you and you are me. We are in this together.
April 4, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLiara

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