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Grace is when all of your traumas, mistakes, failures and shame make perfect sense and you have nothing but humble gratitude for their lessons.  -Ross Bishop

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Feel what it is to be truly alive

Every moment invites you to find fun and light-heartedness in whatever is happening. Feel your way into what enables you to be truly alive. Let the soul be your pilot. Imagine no limitations, no doubt. Tickle yourself, crack a smile, come what may.

Be aware that as you let go of pockets of resistance, what you dream arises instantly. You are all that stands in the way of not loving every moment to the fullest. Be bold, daring. Discover what is beyond your wildest imagination. This is an open invitation.


Allow all feelings to dance

As a living being, you are rediscovering what is natural.  Part of your nature is to discover all emotions and allow them to flow.  It is fine to express how you feel in the moment.  

Watch children in their candidness and spontaneity. They do not judge or second guess themselves. They are like a free flowing river unless someone reprimands them. If this happens, its like the river comes up against rocks or rapids.  Where do you buck the current?

Ponder how it serves you to dwell on anger, doubt, fear or other heavy energy. What happens as you allow discomfort to get implanted under your skin? Do you scratch the itch?

At some point, you are going to encounter people who disagree with you or, who are closed off to what you are experiencing. What you feel is alive and true for you even if it is not someone else's reality.  Be awareness. Surprise yourself. Peace is not something to be kept or forced. All emotions have peace inside them. You do not find peace.  It arises as you allow it to be here.

In essence, you are aware of space yet, space is not aware of 'you.'  What is real does not need saving or changing as the mind thinks it does.  Watch what happens as you allow all feelings to dance.  Each one is a teacher inviting you to see beyond external conditions to feel through the lens of soul. Through the divine eye, everything is appreciated as it is and for what it is.

Notice you share an experience differently with people.  You may think you express love differently to a friend, child, lover, parent and acquaintance, yet do you really? Only the mind is capable of judging and distinguishing different kinds of love. The heart simply loves. 


Elevate consciousness

What does it mean to you to feel awake and alive? Where is your focus? Even in the process of going about this day, your priorities and ways of perceiving the world are changing.  Step back for a moment and notice how you spend your time.  Are you focusing on what matters most to the heart and soul? As you shift focus and notice what passed by your radar before, you elevate consciousness.  This is all about recognizing thoughts and feelings without judgment. It all serves you.