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Walk the path

Every experience you choose is part of your journey.  Allow it.  Unfold it.  Savour it.  If you want to know something, walk the path knowing you create it with divine insight and love.  Tune in.  You connect with an ongoing energetic journey shared by all.  The wider you is choosing what is now.  See what happens as you journey deeper into yourself.  Notice patterns in your life.

Allow yourself to step back and recognize when you resist your life.  Notice if you judge, fight or attempt to solve any puzzle in your midst.  The path is all you.  Let go of destinations.  Experience what its like to be outside linear time.  Allow pressures and limitations to fall away. Release what you have been holding. Tune in to the resonance of your own being. The heart is always open. Use the energy to be on your own journey.

This is about mastery and sovereignty. No reason to worry about what is coming.  Its all you. Take what resonates, integrate it, explore feeling more wholeness, to know all is always well.  Explore what you choose. Keep the experience flowing. The nature of being is ever-changing and expanding freedom.  You bring together, bridge, all things.  Be willing to walk through the vessel of yourself.  Trust yourself and all that you are creating.  Its all a gift of love and wisdom.

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Reader Comments (12)

Beautifully said and so inspirational! Thank you.
February 2, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterwendy
Walking the Path Is then both Known and Unknown to an Individual. We created the path, otherwise life would be pathless without corridors of exploration. We create what we experience ahead of time or above time..... as we day dream.... as we imagine or vision how the world looks to us.... as we judge or accept the energies that are presented to us on an ongoing basis.....and even before we enter into agreement or disagreement with the physical realm.

Some paths are narrow and fine where it either easy to bump into the walls or it is easy to focus since there are few self made distractions. Other paths are broad and wide where one feels free to ooze out without a sense of containment or where one consciously loses their bearing or wits because too much information is speaking to them. And so they then shut themselves down because they are overwhelmed by the inability to process themselves and put themselves together.

The world we enter into is therefore known because we create the path with our thoughts and from what energy we accept and what energy we deflect or momentarily deny. However, even though we may be conscious that we created what is before us.... It is received as if it were also unknown.... a mystery ..... where nothing needs to be puzzled over or solved. We may know that what we are receiving is what we put out.... so the origin is known but the formation or emanations or the manifestations that appears to us is what is then unknown. Its as if the energy from our state of being is sent out in an echo response like sonar.... hits a destination or mirror..... and then comes back to us distorted and reassembled in a different package but with the same substance...

In a sense.... if time is involved, the echo response is aged. The longer it takes for the energy to cycle back to a person, the more the formations or outward appearance has changed.... and yet nothing has really changed since the outcome matches the income..... the circuit is completed.

The path also then seems pathless when one isn't involving time. One is gathering themselves as they breath or take their next step, so to speak. If energy is missed along the route, the winds shift... to re-position such energies so that they are then faced with reassembling the stimulus that was not processed or ignored earlier. This then, not being fully available to what is before us, creates a lapse in the moment.... a lapse within judgement... for which Time is a byproduct since the energy has to seemingly move to get our attention to digest and assimilate.

One can then say that this is what creates physical aging.... the search for something that is lost or appears missing in time or the fourth dimension. If one is fluent at receiving energy as it is here and now.... no time has passed..... one feels timeless.... and therefore they leave time and space and will not have physically aged even though the outside dream world of others individually and collectively may have aged due to their resistance and reluctance to what Is before us and within us. So if one focuses on the clock on the wall or cuffed to one's wrist.... or if they believe in biological clocks.... in the need to regenerate or to experience generations in general...... then they will notice they are on a path from here to there which is here again.

From another angle or from an angels perspective.... the path may be cycles and sub-cycles of the universe where help or a call for assistance has been propagated by those who find it hard to finish their projects or visions. A Soul may identify with the source or with God and may describe themselves as mystical or married to God. Their path then is pathless but encompasses the cleaning up of the universe..... not that it is dirty... but in that they then re-collect energy that has been forsaken or that which is in the wayside. This is done by invitation. They then assimilate and embody whatever energies they are presented with without judgement or delay. Entire cycles may suddenly come to conclusion because the pieces of non accepted energies within the conduit of past intentions have now been made conscious and released back to source allowing for new paths to be formed and explored by other curious souls.

So in a sense, the earth is a collection of wormholes.... a matrix of intentions.... that creates a collective package made of threads. Some wormholes feel as if they are black holes because people are refusing to enter into agreement with the path of their energetic choosing. Other wormholes or paths then feel like a passion filled ride because they are accepted and ridden wholeheartedly.
February 2, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterbern
This post is like a peaceful waterfall in a lovely forest, Dear Liara, reminding us life is always peaceful waterfalls and wonderful connections.

No puzzles ever to solve, only pieces designed to fit themselves into place in the ever-beginning of life's adventures.

all is always well.

trust love -- love knows what it's doing.
February 2, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJannie Funster
Wendy, you always attract and allow yourself to experience the energies that align with the vibration of your current focus. It is a joy to see your divine reflection.
February 5, 2013 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert
Bern, your reflections invite a person to see he is choosing to weave experiences together that can feel discordant when seeing them from a higher vantage point.

For instance, if a person enjoys participating in self-help related activities, beyond the superficial enjoyment and social interaction, such a focus of this person's attention nutures the belief that he is in need of help and cannot help himself.

Similarly, if part of you believes you require healing and you seek out a healer, on one level this may benefit a healing process, while on another, it is disempowering for the very initiative is energetically vibrating a sense of a lack of wholeness.

Notice what happens when you begin with the notion you are whole, healthy, complete, and in need of nothing. Notice what happens as you see everyone as whole and help them see this inside. If people allow themselves to see problems, imbalance, illness, their attention to what they wish to fix shakes thoughts and energy out of alignment. Imagine that the world is stable and do not allow yourself to contemplate otherwise. Watch what happens as you explore wormholes that vibrationally match wholeness. Invite youto watch this & listen:
February 5, 2013 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert
Jannie, you are love. Embody it. You always know what you are doing at the core. Everything is created by you and simply invites you to trust yourself more.
February 5, 2013 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert
"Notice what happens when you begin with the notion you are whole, healthy, complete, and in need of nothing. Notice what happens as you see everyone as whole and help them see this inside. If people allow themselves to see problems, imbalance, illness, their attention to what they wish to fix shakes thoughts and energy out of alignment. Imagine that the world is stable and do not allow yourself to contemplate otherwise."

This is the game that we seem to enjoy playing the most as a collective species, the game of always thinking something is lacking, or that one needs to better themselves, or that someone else has the answer/cure for you. Like you share in this comment, when we have these beliefs about ourselves, or we support them in another it is totally legitimate as an experience, but is it one that we want to chose to live at this moment, and helping another to be embedded in it? Or do we make the choice to truly see that ALL is perfect in EVERY moment, and choose to see the highest version of everyone.

All too often I will find myself using an excuse along the lines of "But it can be so challenging to see the highest version of everyone including myself", and then I am reminded, each and every moment is a simple choice, there is no one thing that is more challenging than another.

I have often reflected on the trains of thought that state things such as "we need to ascend to the 4th and 5th dimension" or "we are separate from the source, and need to do X, Y & Z to get back to it", etc. This simply has never resonated for me, as I can't see how we could ever be separate from anything that we are made up of. How can one be separate from source and be source?
February 5, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterStacey
Stacey, thank you for sharing such beautiful and astute observations. The human physical mind is conditioned to limit the range of energy vibration it receives to translate a given experience. The temporary amnesia about who you are is the impetus for a master to birth into this world and expand into more. How you live is a choice. If you choose to experience challenges which arise from fear, so be it. This is no right or wrong. As a person begins to see through his self-created illusions, he simply allows new levels of natural being to flow into awareness. A serene being does not fear, harm or destroy. All is seen as it is, a mirror of divine grace.

Brace yourself: part of you is also imagining, embodying and being fearlessness. This physical journey is about the freedom to choose and be what you want to be on more levels than you currently allow yourself to detect. As you grow more aware of the functions of the mind, watch how choices no longer feel the same. The universe is always unfolding with or without "you." Energy simply flows. The light flowing through the kaleidoscope reveals infine diversity of the YOU-niverse.

As resistance energy is released on a wider scale, more beings grow conscious of the bigger picture. Energy vibrations are already shifting to transmit new collective experiences into this world. New paralel realities are constantly emerging along a new frequency of energy in accordance with shifts of collective consciousness. As you live each moment fully, you accelerate the energy and allow new experiences and dimensions to come into your awareness faster and faster. All pain or fear is resistance to the natural self. This is whatever contains the highest level of joy. You are a circuit or a conduit for this energy. Allow a feeling of heaven to birth from within. YOu are the only thing that stands in your own way.

Know the higher mind is in constant dialogue with the rest of you. Higher mind conceives, brain receives and physical mind perceives. Invite you to see this-
February 5, 2013 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert
But I guess on some level I have been enjoying people create earthquakes as they walk. They don't notice that the ground moves because they are unbalanced and are creating the shaking with the weight that they carry around with them. Sometimes they fall into their very own fault and blame lines. So I guess that has also been my blame line or game that I am playing... waiting to watch the giants fall on their faces. So at times I am glued to the earth changes.... because I actually see it as a good cleansing agent.... but I believe you are right.... my view or vision is part of the problem... and I have known about it.... but I liked it.... so its time to turn the like into love and to let it go.... and to be stable and to seal the fault lines with a kiss. No more earth quakes. Maybe I will shift into elevator rides. Anybody Going Up.
February 5, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterbern
Bern, celebrate embodiment. Celebrate diversity. No write or wrong state/focus exist. You are crossing and connecting perspectives in new ways. This is freedom and limitlessness. One simply shifts attention when ready to explore more. Your reflections trigger an image of a multi-dimensional sidewalk painting. Some people marvel and walk by and other beings enter different worlds and dimensions.

There is a timeless form of beauty and truth that you live out, regardless of your choices. Enter one world and pass into others. be in more place at once or return to whence you came. Observe earthquakes or the light in the projector behind them. In this moment of connection, taste the wonder, appreciate how you are changing.

The ultimate meaning to existence is to recognize the seeker is the obstacle. None of your fears or desires are real. There is actually no place to go. What you are transcends all time, space, thought and concepts. It is not reached by any of these means. At the moment you cease to exist, you become real. To do nothing, you must be NO THING. Hold this state and realize nothing pertains to you. All images and forms are suddenly pointers or references to the same absolute God that is you. As you stop believing you exist, the bliss that is flows freely in all directions.
February 6, 2013 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert
I Stop seeking earthquakes, and they start rolling one's way after one's attention to the crust is unlocked and let go of. Did you feel that one? :) Another 8 pointer.

I love earthquakes. I was in a 7 pointer a while back and I loved everything about it. I enjoyed the movement.... the release..... the ride ..... the aftermath where we didn't have power for over a week.... I was running a campus dining hall in Santa Cruz California..... hmm... interesting synch.... anyway... people got together.... food for students and for anyone that needed a meal was free for weeks to be paid for by the university. People got to plan a more artistic version for the downtown areas where many brick building were destroyed. People came alive in so many ways... routines broken... people having to pay attention to what was going on right now.... such great times for everyone.

The strange thing was that it happened just as the world series was starting. The earthquake was at 5:04 pm.... absolutely the most traffic oriented time in the bay area. But no one was on the roads or on the freeways that got crushed because people were going to watch Oakland play San Francisco... a Bay Bridge World Series Baseball game... it was dubbed. And as they just were announcing the players and all the fan fair.... the quake struck. Everyone's attention in the entire region was subverted and focused on the rivalry between the two sides of the bay.... and what happened.... the bridge between the two cities were severed. Its as if people who were normally seeking stopped seeking to focus on the moment that the promise of the game provided. And the crust buckled... perhaps held in check by peoples OCD behaviors to counter invited probabilities. Everyone believes in earthquakes in California... and they expect big ones.... but they counter or try to un-curse themselves to protect themselvess from something they imagined into being. So a lot of energy gets used to propagate or hold back such a timeline... and then they put tons of energy into stopping the inevitable from happening. So interesting.

Its as if when the earthquake rocks and rolls and shifts up and down and around, a new time line is being settled into..... as if cards are being re-shuffled... where new pairings between different entities are created so that their paths will cross or come together to experience a new reality thread that the earthquake provides...
February 6, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterbern
Bern, relish every aspect of the ride. Be the inter-dimensional jumper, time traveller, and allow yourself to taste all this expansion has to offer. Look closer. You are the earthquake, shaking to and fro and opening up the next crevice for your essence to explore. You are also the self that transcemds all vehicles.
February 6, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLiara Covert

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