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Stop, and see what happens

Notice what happens as you stop doing, denying or asserting anything.   This means you cease agreeing and disagreeing, shift to the silent observer perspective.  Feel the state of receptivity, the awareness that knows you have never been what you appear or pretend to be.  Everything points toward something that is is listening attentively now. 

Now, this kind of listening is not limited to sound.  It goes deeper, to detect energy of love and fear, to feel sensations of the unspeakable.  It recognizes everything is constantly communicating with and through you in its own language.  Attune to what the body is telling you through signals, to what the mind says through its ego personality.  Notice the power and intention in silence.  Read the sand, moon and stars.  Every aspect of nature is engaged in soulful dialogue. Are you aware?

"I guess I've spent my life listening to what wasn't being said." -Eli Khamarov

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See for your Self from a designer Vista
Hear and listen to an original song
Touch something as if for the very first time
Smell the unique essence of each flower
Taste with a cleansed palette
Feel the New energy pouring down upon the earth from the cosmos

There is an underground river flowing into the earth from the sky above,
And we each can be the fountain that quenches an ironic thirst,
by Simply opening one's mouth to the fluid we Live and speak Easy In.
September 9, 2011 | Unregistered Commenter~ bern ~

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