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Expect the best

As you experience stages of this journey called 'life,' you always have choices about how to respond to what you imagine is unfolding. Whether you expect the best or fear the worst, the mind invites you to imagine and create scenarios to reinforce your thoughts.

Take a few moments to ask some questions. Notice how you respond to people and events in your current focus of attention. What are the reactions of people in your life inviting you to notice about yourself? How is every event gently nudging you away from what you outgrow and toward what is dear to the heart? Which signs do you hear or ignore?

As you recall more details of your night dreams, notice what they reveal about your waking life. Everything is a message. Which lessons are you invited to recognize? How do you feel about them? What role do perceptions play in shaping your experience? What happens as you sense your current situation is actually a blessing in disguise?

From the moment you focus your thoughts and attention on how everything is serving your greater good, you also transform how and what you allow yourself to see.

"The best things in life are unexpected- because there were no expectations." -Eli Khamarov


Stop, and see what happens

Notice what happens as you stop doing, denying or asserting anything.   This means you cease agreeing and disagreeing, shift to the silent observer perspective.  Feel the state of receptivity, the awareness that knows you have never been what you appear or pretend to be.  Everything points toward something that is is listening attentively now. 

Now, this kind of listening is not limited to sound.  It goes deeper, to detect energy of love and fear, to feel sensations of the unspeakable.  It recognizes everything is constantly communicating with and through you in its own language.  Attune to what the body is telling you through signals, to what the mind says through its ego personality.  Notice the power and intention in silence.  Read the sand, moon and stars.  Every aspect of nature is engaged in soulful dialogue. Are you aware?

"I guess I've spent my life listening to what wasn't being said." -Eli Khamarov