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Interview with Dario Da Ponte

Steven L. Hairfield, Jeoff Hutcherson and I co-host a regular Aware Talk Radio show. Dario Da Ponte is a repeat guest. Listener interest in his presence and healing abilities inspire me to interview him here. It is a privilege and pleasure.

Appreciate the opportunity to reconnect and share your insight with a wider audience. Thanks Dario for putting yourself 'out there' and reminding us that what we seek is always accessible and closer than we think. So let's get right to it:

Different kinds of healers exist. Please share with our readers how you came to be aware of inner healing abilities and why you use this to empower others.

My personal empowerment journey began when I was 16 years old. My mother gave me The Silva Mind Control book and I was captivated by the possibility that we have infinite potential. For whatever reason, this struck a very deep cord with me. I remember wanting everyone to read the book and learn how to tap into their personal power to create whatever they wanted. It’s just something the seems to run in my blood. I stumbled on these healing skills really on my own journey to heal myself on an emotional level.

It's interesting what your state of mind viewed as 'stumbling on' or 'a random experience' deeper awareness arises to reveal as cosmic synchronicity or awakening with perfect timing. Many people relate to key life turning points.

As for me, I was going through a really challenging moment in my life and fell into a depression. Even though I had many skills to overcome fear and inner limitations, I wasn’t getting anywhere significant with the depression –then  one day lying in bed something inside me told me to go deeper and meet the depression much deeper inside. When I did that, a huge surge of energy poured into my body and cleared away my depression in a couple of minutes. To make a long story short I later put two and two together and realized how to reproduce that phenomenon any time I wanted for myself. I later realized that this energy could be used to heal others, so I started practicing on my family and friends and later on clients.

One message that stands out is that nobody is alone in having wake-up calls or revelations.  Personal stories about depression are also common. Now, when did you begin to see everything as energy?  In other words, what triggered this knowing inside you or letting go of the resistance that blocked it?

This is a great question. When I realized that I could shift someone out of their traumas and limitations, it was one the most exhilarating realization of my life. To finally be able to move things just with your mind is something I think we all dream about at one moment in our lives. When I  learned that everything is energy and that thoughts are energy that can have an effect on someone 10,000 miles away and literally change their entire lives – life completely changes.

As you say, direct experience is indeed life-altering. It's possible for everyone to recognize a shift in perspective that allows deeper knowing to reveal itself. In your view, how can people benefit from being open to energy in ways they do not yet experience consciously?

More importantly than to realize that everything is energy, behind the energy there is consciousness.  That seems to create this energy that everything is made out of and it seems to create it out of a void. When we become the witness to what is happening, when we enter into being conscious rather than thinking with our rational minds, we are movers and shakers of reality much more so than when you are not aware of this miracle. It think people would love to believe this about themselves but they have not had the experience, or least they are not conscious that they are magical creative beings. Everyone can do this work because we are all conscious beings and it is consciousness that creates. We are coming around as a whole to come to really understand this. There’s always hope.

Love your attention to distance healing. Some people are unfamiliar with the nature and potential its power. Of course, direct experience speaks for itself. But from your healing role, how is this possible and what can block it?

We are one conscious mind having billions of different experiences. We are  each a piece of the whole, which is a hologram. That means that we have the whole within us. All we need to do is to focus and the effect is created in another individual. There is no sending energy across the globe. In this realm there is no time and space. There is no space really at the core. Quantum science understands this very clearly. They call it entanglement. Some people think that the healer needs to believe in order for this to work. Not true. As a matter of fact, this is why people go to a healer as a last hope and often don’t believe it will work, but they still go because there’s no other option and it works anyway.

Beliefs can then be surprising motivators for healing. What is the most common reason clients approach you?

The most common reason  is a person’s inability to create the shifts and transformations within themselves that they would like. They want to have more confidence, feel free to be who they know they can be but because the resistance  of their inner conflicts are so strong they need help clearing them.  The other issues are physical issues, followed by addictions.

You certainly deal with a variety of situations. Clients as well as visitors here can come to value their own versatility. What advice would you give to people to be more attuned to their own energy?

Being more attuned to energy vibrations is essential to putting your inner power to use for personal growth and empowerment. It is actually very simple. All one needs to do is get into a receptive state, pay attention and be conscious of your sense of feeling within your body. This is how we learn to use more of our brain. When we feel with our bodies we are using our power. Feeling is power. Feeling is a creative force. There are many different skills one can learn which I teach people, but it is about being sensitive to the vibrations we create with our thoughts. This is a very easy skill to learn. Bottom line is first and foremost is to be open with your whole body. Once you practice that, your sensitivity will build. It’s actually something very grounded in our bodies and not some woo woo thing. It’s about learning to control the parasympathetic nervous system by holding a state of calm and receptivity.

Readers appreciate your focus on simplicity.  Now, what does it mean for a person to meet feelings of emptiness?

That just means to be conscious of it. The best way to be conscious is to create a gap between you and the feeling of emptiness. Sort of like being a fly on the wall and watching. Just watching without any judgment, without being for or against the emptiness – by being the witness we can meet our feelings and not get entangled in them. This simple act will empty our emptiness and give our real self a space to be.

From your work as a healer, what would you say is the greatest block to natural healing or core well-being? And what remedy would you suggest for people concerned to remove it?

It think that it all boils down to learning how to be conscious. We have never been taught this simple concept and the power it has to help us live a well balanced life. The only thing we must remove is ignorance. These things should be taught in school. Take time every day to be conscious. Just be still. If you want –here  is a cool little way to do that. Pretend you have turned into a statue. Let your body freeze or turn into stone. Do it for just 3 minutes and you will be amazed how deeply this process activates consciousness. When you do this you have no choice basically but to be conscious because your body is frozen. Just play with these type of exercises and they will carry over into more well being in those testing times. But play with this type of practice. That’s the most important thing.

As you imply here, individual awakening to the nature of the dream is done on different levels. Please offer an example of a client and how you guide them to trust themselves more.  What shifted in his life on different levels?

One that always comes to mind is an individual I helped with BDD (body dysmorphic disorder). People who suffer from this condition see themselves completely distorted when they look in the mirror. They usually feel just as bad as they see themselves. Most are aware that they have a mental disorder that shows them something that is not really there, yet they still suffer tremendously. My client basically saw a hideous monster when he looked in the mirror and I was able to help shift the image in the mirror so that he no longer saw the distorted image. This completely shifted his life around and was able to have a romantic relationship again, start to work and in general just feel comfortable in his own skin again–something he hadn’t felt for over 20 years.

How do you see the evolution of distance healing and the other healing modalities you currently do? (within yourself and in the world more generally)

There is a huge energy healing movement going on now and I think it will just continue to grow. There is no question in my mind. I see –I envision more and more everyday people having the basic know how to use the power of their minds to create shifts within themselves and others. That’s what I am working towards, myself to help that happen.

What are the three most profound lessons (and/or experiences) that have shifted your energy, focus or perspective?

#1 – that consciousness is everything. I experience this everyday and have had many shamanic experience that have showed me that there is only consciousness.

#2 –that we are creative beings, when we observe, the very act of observing causes an effect. This has proven to me that we have god-like powers. And we are just now barely scratching the surface. It’s how I perform the healings, with conscious awareness and intent. Just notice what is and observe it and it transforms.

#3 –my own awareness and intentions have healed and transformed me so deeply that I now so full of hope for the future of humanity. I have experienced how relatively easy it can be and yet how powerfully  moving our awareness and intentions are. This work keeps evolving and recently I have felt  that I am now working on a much deeper level –at the level of our DNA. This happened just by moving my awareness around and the results have been amazing. This saves me twice the energy and I am getting much better  results. It has also shown me that our evolution could become so much quicker that I have imagined.

This discussion offers much for reflection and also invites letting go of what is outgrown. What final message would you like to leave our visitors?

That we are just one consciousness, one being and that we should consider that deeply in our lives, our work, within our family and friends, and with mother earth. Take responsibility for the results in your life and face your life with conscious awareness, open your heart to the challenges in your life so that you can awaken the truth your life challenges are seeded with. It  will only be uncomfortable for a moment and the pay off will be forever.

How can people contact you? Please share details of courses, products and services you offer for consideration.

They can contact me via my website at http://www.coreawakening.org. Visit my this site to find out more about this work, sign up for the newsletter and receive several free healing audios. I also teach a healing course every three months, for those interested visit the website. I am also doing DNA activations, which will activate your potential. I basically do whatever the persons wants to activate within themselves, any inner power, love,  confidence, more intelligence, aligning with their purpose. Anything can be activated and really, we are filled with potential, we just need to check in and ask what wants to manifest through me.

It is a joy to connect with you Dario and to feel how you genuinely exist to invite others to rediscover who they are. Your presence on Aware Talk Radio is welcome. Until we reconnect, in Lak-ech.

Thank you Liara for this interview.

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Reader Comments (1)

I will try the 3-minute-statue trick. gotta be easier than the 5-minute one, that has eluded me thus far.

I like the idea of the consciousness being able to change on a DNA level. Unlimited creative possibilities indeed.

When I let myself get distracted from consciousness I go straight to head-ache land, and who wants to go there. Not me!

I too feel very full of hope for humanity.

It was nice meeting Dario's wonderful energy. And continuing to visit with yours, Liara.

September 4, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJannie Funster

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