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How to build unshakable confidence

Something happened or, maybe you believe a series of events happened, to explain why doubt is permitted to exert such a hold over your mind. Human beings attune to intuition and trust the body implicitly to signal hunger yet, resist accepting other signs within that actually guide all facets of existence.  How does one build unshakable confidence in the core self?

1) Cultvate awareness all feelings allow you to grow.  Defeat, disappointment, and self-pity focus attention on loss, setbacks and dramas.  Uplifting energy is always offered from all directions.  The physical body generates negative energy as an urgent strategy to prompt you to pay closer attention.

2) Retain meaningful gems from every experience.  For whatever reason, the mind may nurture unhealthy or unrealistic ideas of which situation or relationship is best for you at a given moment.  This is an opportunity to learn to be kinder to yourself, to accept learning occurs in stages.  Be more alert to timeless wisdom readily found in unexpected places. 

3) Notice you believe what you choose.  Regardless of what the mind, body, spirit and experiences present, every fear based excuse you generate alters degrees of inner strength and self-acceptance.  You hold capacity to convince the self of anything through your decision of what is valid and intended.

4) Recognize love guides everything.  Every human being is more energetically-evolved than is consciously registered or grasped at this moment. As you teach the self to shift focus from moment to moment, you are bringing to conscious awareness your power to eliminate discontent and apparent reasons for it. Fear is generated as a projection about a possible future that you do not have to create. Love energy heals all. Unhappiness does not exist right now. It never has.

5) Jog the memory about immortality.  As unrecognized fear is detected and dissolved, it is easier to fathom energy evolves through physical and non-physical journeys. Implications are enormous.  While emotion hijacks attention, the mind blocks its own access to infinite inner knowing.  What is and what is in process of unfolding, remain denied.

6) Acknowledge the power of oneeness. Deliberate steps revive spiritual growth and evolutionary advancement. Human beings have different ways of understanding what this means and how it takes shape. Oneness recognizes all is connected. That is, everything and everyone builds collective energy.

7) View physical laws as overly restrictive. Rules are opportunities to uncover hidden beliefs that create them. Ego perception hampers accessing knowledge of innate abilities, ongoing non-physical cycles and obstacles to accepting personal responsibility. Humans often sceptical of levitation, moving physical objects with thoughts as well as phenomena that defy assumptions about physical laws. To explore the nature of energy reveals diverse misunderstandings.

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Reader Comments (9)

Hunger in physical terms is the result of the energy body wanting to be energized. One does not need to eat food to become full. One need only allow new spirit or energy to fill one up. Bring new ideas into your life, and your life will liven up independent of physically eating.

1) If one senses something that does not feel good, spin the event around till you get a point of view that feels better. An event can create infinite points of viewing or sensing what has occured. Pick the interpretation that makes you feel the best.

2) Take the best of any situation and incorporate it into your own personal story. Take with you that which you can build upon to create and manifest something new in the world, and then gift it to all. The result will be giving your combined gems away so that you can begin the process once again. This can be described as alchemy. Choose only the best ingredients to work with.

3) Everything we do is based on belief. If we believe we can't do something we won't be able to do it. If we think we can do it, we will have successes and failures. If we are sure we can do something, then the sureness will allow it to manifest.

4) Unhappiness is a block of vital energy that we are receiving from seen and unseen places. If we learn to flow with the presents of this moment then there is no room for fear. There will be only be love and acceptance of what has been gifted to us.

5) We are what we believe ourselves to be. If we believe we are infinite, then we can tap into that which is available from an infinite source. Expand upon what you believe your self to be. This expansion opens up the mind which allows for more potential to manifest.

6) We live in an energetic democracy. The collective belief system results in how humans operate in communities throughout the earth.
For each encounter we have with another person or energy being, knowledge and information is transferred both consciously and unconsciously. Our energy fields dance with one another. Your thoughts can effect my thoughts.

7) If one follows rules, then one does not truly and fully love. Love allows for everything to exist as is. Examine the rules you live by. By following rules, one limits one's personal experiences. We then forget that something useful outside the ruling system even exists. A perfect example of this is the infusion of knowledge and wisdom from Eastern Philosophy. By looking for information outside the normal system, one can bring a new way of perceiving into society and transform how we think, feel, and operate on a daily basis.
April 20, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterBernie
Bernie, the perception for hunger is indeed physical when what satiates it lies in the non-physical. To grasp what it means to be electricity means life-sustaining food is harnessed in energy vibrations. Consider the example of the Nepal Buddha boy: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/4479240.stm
1) Selective perception is empowering. To realize you can choose to feel good regardless of what is happening outside yourself is a life-transforming revelation. Being consistent is key.

2) Each personal story is a living, breathing phenomena. To be willing to give perceived gems away is to acknowledge you never own or possess things. Knowledge belongs to everyone.

3) Problems and failures do not exist. Everything you think and feel is intended by you for purposes you are only just beginning to discern. You act to integrate the conscious and unconscious parts of the self. So long as they remain fragmented, you sense imbalance. Discomfort teaches surrender. This process awakens and the mind of troublesome patterns.

4) Everything is a gift to assist beings to realize truth. Feelings are a gauge to lead you home.

5) As beliefs evolve, a being learns to tap back into inner knowing. Belief implies doubt.

6) Thoughts are power. Everyone is assisting everyone else reframe death of what never was. To dismantle the false self is to reconnect with the true soul-self and untapped abilities. You use telepathy and other heightened sensitivities already or you would not be here now.

7) Ever choice you make is a step closer to freeing soul from the prison you create for it in the physical world. Ethereal, seen, unseen inhabitants are always present to offer unconditional love and support. Every moment, one receives new signals and messages from spirit in universal energies and patterns. One evolves to experience a reality that mirrors one’s own core divinity.
April 20, 2009 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert
I just returned from a month in India. It was an incredible experience. But I focused on the negative- a lost expensive item, diarrhea, the hours of blah, blah from our tour guide about unimportant details while standing in the heat (I avoided some of that), the expense of the trip, having to put off a hip replacement of a hip that was "killing" me.

Your post & Bernie's comment put a new perspective on the trip as a whole. Now I see it as the incredible experience it was.
April 21, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterbikehikebabe
Hi Liara. Thanks for this one! "While emotion hijacks attention, the mind blocks its own access to infinite inner knowing." How that sentence struck me. What amazes me is how quickly moods change and how vulnerable a person can be to them. I've seen myself swept off my feet many times before I realize.
April 21, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterDavina
bikehikebabe, perceived discomfort is one the the most convincing teachers in the physical world. Intense energy grabs your attention, whether its the focus of a nightmare dream or reasons you initially feel justify emotional or other complaints. As you learn to step back and see the lessons available in every experience, then new meaning can be found where it initially escaped your conscious radar. You bring your mind back to the moment, how you are stretching, and realizing no anticipated event in time will save you. All you require is the conscious knowledge you are always exactly where you need to be. Figure out why, energy shifts and you move on. Its all very good.
April 21, 2009 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert
Good topic. unshakable confidence is in high demand. I witnessed many very talented people have shaky confidence that overshadows their talent and that is a shame. The other extreme though is unshakable confidence w/o solid ground behind it.... I like #2!
Alik, discernment is an evolving quality in every human being. To nurture it requires patience and unconditional love. The notion of unshakable confidence is never out of reach. In fact, it never leaves. This is a baseline state. Human beings who obscure their view go through the process of unburying themselves to clear the mind.
April 23, 2009 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert
Unshakeable Confidence. I liked the way you put it. All too often, people say they have confidence, only for that confidence to be shattered the moment certain problems come up. We should really build our confidence in such a way that it becomes a solid truth that nothing can ever shatter, and no one can ever take away. :)
April 30, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterI TAKE OFF THE MASK
Abbie, human beings choose to live with and even perpetuate certain illusions. This process supports the mind through periods of transition. Illusions are only self-defeating if one clings to them beyond a period of usefulness. Life experience invites people to learn the feeling of greater confidence and self-assurance. If one lacks confidence and nutures neuroses, this can be self-destructive. Yet, as a person chooses to work through and better understand fear, that person contines to grow and the inner spirit blossoms. Innate confidence is unveiled.
April 30, 2009 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert

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