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Most people spend their lives reacting to feelings rather than creating with them.

- Neale Donald Walsch

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3 Tips to progress in self-mastery

Mastering Time is mastering your ability to direct attention to and from different focal points.  Some people feel these points as different dimensions, frequencies, vibrations or harmonics.  It is all detection of  energy.  Consider these three tips to move further along your path to self-mastery.

1. Grow aware of conditioning

Awakening from the false reality you create requires you grow aware of how conditioning affects you, how your patterns develop, and act to nip this in the bud.  This invites you to let go of the urge to negative self talk, and release it as it arises.  Otherwise, the conditioned tendencies to judge, control and condition people to fit your models of perception continue.   

2. Re-tell your life story

Everyone has a story.  This is what makes human journeys unique.  Listen closely to yourself as you share your own.  Notice whether the voice recounting the story comes from the vibration of judgement or is it coming from a place of unconditional love? Peace and harmony occur naturally in an environment of unconditional love.  Once you love yourself unconditionally, you forgive others an yourself, so you can accept others as they are.

3. Accept what you say is right and wrong

The perception of whomever is listening determnes the validity of what you say, based on their point of view.  We are each responsible for the integrity and clarity of what we express.  We are not responsible for what others hear and feel because we do not control their perception.

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Reader Comments (2)

On another level, all things or points of focal attention, whether internal or external are conditioned by our thoughts and feelings and visions for its purpose or evolution. By merely pointing at an object and naming it, it sets a tone or vibration that effects its behavior and position and expression in its environment. Change the name of anything, and watch how the object of one's attention shifts over time with the new naming changing the physical, emotional and mental disposition and attributes of the focal point. Therefore, humans must be careful in how they project worries or blame because then this has great ramifications in the greater environment. I would encourage people to rename all aspects of reality with a tone that suites their dreams of a future to unfold in the beauty of the present moment.
March 14, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterBern
Bern, thanks for sharing such an uplifting energy and vision for what is unfolding. Indeed, the power of thought and intention are often underestimated. The more one eases into states of appreciation, finds something to like, love or be grateful for in every situation, the more one contributes to the increasing trend that creates a shift in perception of collective energy flow. The external world is precisely a reflection of the vibration we resonate within ourselves. Being aware of the focal point is tuning and using it consciously is one way to begin to reclaim inner power often unconsciously given away.
March 14, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterLiara

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