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7 Ways to see through lens of Soul 

Nothing and everything is unfolding in this same moment.  Wherever you think you are, all that is unfolding gives you opportunities to connect with and embrace reliable soul guidance.  Seeing through the lens of Soul is being aware of the bigger picture or deeper reasons for your choices.  Ponder seven ways to see life as it is through the lens of Soul or Higher awareness:

1) Recognize whatever you perceive arises with its opposite.  Positive and negative thoughts arise together just as opposite words produce each other and merge.  Each points to the other as a lesson to recognize the underlying message that is revealing itself.

2) Move without teaching. Simply be yourself without the intention to do anything. Watch the mind. You can move physically and be still inside.  Every choice you make is being watched. You never know who is watching, or seeing life differently due to what you say or do.  Imagine every step you take is inspiring yourself in another situation.  Be your own student and teacher.

3) Live such that you possess nothing yet appreciate everything.  Possession here implies thoughts of exerting control and attaching.  From the moment you realize what is real cannot be owned, you relax more in life, welcome what comes and appreciate impermanence.

4) Do not glorify heroes.  Come to see everything as a divine reflection and you are awake to true divine nature.  You no longer put people on pedestals or view anyone as better or worse.  Rather, you see everything as different versions of you drawing true essence to the surface.

5) Live in humility.  Ambitions weaken as they lose your attention. Do what you do without the aim of recognition.  Presume nothing.  Be devoted to heartfelt gestures for no reason.

6) Be empty. When you are empty, you are bottomless and you have infinite uses and paths. It means move in peace.When you do not treasure objects, you do not worry they could be stolen or taken away.

7) Respect natural order.  Notice the divine flow.  Allow nature to be the ultimate teacher.  It only ever reflects who you are at the core.  Everything arises from and disappears into silence.

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