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Appreciate the ego-mind

It is often assumed the ego-mind is something to suppress or eliminate as if it is bad or not helpful.  It is also sometimes said that you only think with the ego-mind and feel through the heart.  Watch what happens as you choose to view every thought and perception as a teacher that is offering insight into your false (conditioned) Self:

1) Begin to notice what triggers your own inner judge.

2) Begin to sense all words are merely pointers to how feelings about them. (Words only hold importance until the moment you see this reflects a conditioned sense self-importance. To recognize right and wrong only exist in the ego-mind is to cease to allow this ego to control you) 

3) Begin to rely less on the external world (your projections) for teachings and openly receive insight through the inner guru.  (As innate confidence reveals itself as ever-present, you begin to recognize it is not arrogance but a reflection of acceptance of what is)

4) Begin to view the ego-mind & heart as one.  To align with who you are is to feel whole, one (at peace) with everything, regardless of what anyone says or does not say, does or does not do.  (One can recognize / radiate divinity while in physical body)

The heart/mind align to the degree you are true to yourself.  Being honest with yourself about how you feel is natural unless it is conditioned out of you.  Each time you grow aware of a belief that no longer serves you, an emotion other than unconditional love and acceptance and see it as it is, you are closer to seeing things as they are.  Doing what feels right is intuitive, instinctual. Its like soul speaking to itself.  And so it is.

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Reader Comments (4)

Perhaps the ego and heart are yin and yang, both necessary to balance soul truths.

The inner guru sees all through the eyes of a young child, the world is here to explore and enjoy, with feelings natural and instinctual to enjoy whatever we do.

Always love your insight.

January 17, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJannie Funster
I can see the ego state being the same as the polarization between the yin and the yang where the yin has lost sight of the yang or vice versa and no longer remembers its counterpoint to make its self whole..... whereas the heart state brings together the yin and the yang in harmony......

In order to come together with the opposite or to end separation or suppression, One then can not berate the ego or call it bad. Such accusations are charges that build up the walls and harden any situation veiling the counterpoint in greater and denser fog. By loving the the mis-alignment... by embracing the dark.... the charges are neutralized.... and yin then natural gravitates towards yang.... where one realizes they were never apart... but where one was merely unconscious of its presence.

And so yes, by seeing the ego as perfect... the way it is and therefore appreciated.... the pressure is taken off allowing for the heart to radiate pure energy in an unfractured or undivided state.

The ego can also be looked at as a pointer or a friend that is trying to get one's attention to finish up a process or a project or to complete a projection or intention that has fallen to the wayside. By focusing one's awareness then on the ego with an overlay on oneness or open-heartedness, a slipstream of energy and intent is created for the ego or unfinished business to naturally flow back into the great sea which is the source of all being.
February 2, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterbern
Jannie, notice your word choice of "perhaps". This echoes doubting yourself. The inner guru does see all and you are it. This is a journey to complete acceptance.
February 5, 2013 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert
Bern, love the feeling that ego is simply a pointer to all that is and all you are. Sense you appreciate this view that ego is a PDF file-
February 5, 2013 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert

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