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Nicky Hamid & Interview on awakening to what you are

Nicky Hamid has taught spiritual psychology self-awareness in varied settings for thirty years, from university and spiritual retreats, to group meditation and workshops in different countries.

His writing and related endeavors come to my attention through synchronicity.  We both exist to empower others.  We also sense opportunities to awaken and expand consciousness have far-reaching implications. I also heard Nicky interviewed on Blog Talk Radio and chose to contact him. He shares immeasurable insights;

How did you come to be in New Zealand?  

I came to NZ at age 9. It was after WWII and my parents, with five children, wanted to make a better life for us all. They did just that and it was perfect for me with the great outdoors and freedom to explore. NZ has been a home of opportunity and I took to it all.

What do you perceive as your Earthly and other origins? 

When you ask about my true origins, I have to say the stars. I love being here in this life, even with all its ups and downs. It is a privilege to be incarnated on Earth and at this amazing time in the evolution of Humanity. I feel a long history with life here, but I also have distant and distinct remembering of other worlds and so for me this is one adventure in an eternity of adventures, past and future.

I relate to intergalactic and energy connections you imply. One blog article here that elicits considerable interest explores perceptions of “Star Kids.” How would you expand on ‘origin?’

My origin is from the Source of All That Is. No beginning and no end. We are forever so let us all lighten up and enjoy the ride.

What prompts you to write your latest book?  

I wrote All You Can Be to give readers a heart-felt overview of what is happening to us all right now. I have counseled people most of my life. This is about helping them to see their own power and to trust in their own answers and inner process.

More and more people are awakening to really question who they are and why they are here. There is a “disturbance in the force” which is affecting everyone. Big questions and a thirst for real understanding without all the trimmings help people see they bury answers under belief systems (BS = bull shit) and personal agendas. Lots of wonderful ideas and heartfelt teachings exist, but people get swamped. They often do not know where to start.   

How would you describe the book in 30 words?

The book traces an expanded, inspirational view of the human consciousness, origin, and nature. The practical tools given for self-empowerment focus on developing our evolving heart-felt inner guidance system.


How is this book meant to affect people? 

It outlines a vision of how amazing we are and our potential, plus some simple tools that really work, in order for people to build a personalize dynamics in their life that will empower them and help them to feel more fully connected to everything.

Practitioners from the helping and healing professions are often asking me for something simple, and yet which covers a lot of ground, to recommend to their clients. This book will do that. I have been getting such feedback from my readers.  It is also a book to be picked up and opened intuitively to provide individual guidance in the moment.

Who are some of your mentors? Share some lessons learned.

I have had the best mentors I could have had.

My parents: who were not only both widely read but were open always to sharing. Love was behind it all. Long discussions with my mother about the cosmos and the spiritual path and she helped me to gain a sense of place in this world and connection to all that is. Home spun philosophy of my father which told me to expect things to be in a constant state of change and yet to accept and embrace it.

5 siblings: each totally different and unique, they taught me to be flexible and allow others to see as they do without trying to change them to my way of thinking. Later the thousands of university students I have had the privilege to teach. They showed me the infinite variety of views and moods of humanity and the amazing potential of human nature.

Some teachers: I remember for their talents, humanity, and integrity. For example, a geography teacher for his thoroughness and attention to detail and yet enthusiasm for what he did. A psychology professor offered the depth of his knowledge, the dryness of his humor, and his encouragement for my divergent thinking.

Lao Tzu and the Tao: Above all, this taught me to trust, to allow my own process and benevolence of the Universe.

My greatest teachers have been my children: in them, I have seen God (the Source of All That Is). They taught me to be fully present. To be in the moment and that in that moment there is unbounded joy. My grandchildren carry on that legacy for me. If you want to see who you truly are, where you came from, how you were when you came here, then look into the eyes of a baby and young children. That is what we are here to remember. Take truly to heart messages from children.  Really learn to play and rediscover the innocent perception of being totally with it.

Throughout your experiences, what do you learn about fear?

Fear results from lack of knowledge. When I face fear, I face the forgetting of the truth of who I am. No matter what the fear is. If I am nervous about talking to people it is usually because I am afraid that the audience will not accept my message and therefore will not accept me. I have forgotten that I am love incarnate, that what other people think of me is none of my business, and that I am walking into that situation because it is the next joyful step in my journey. I have forgotten all my experience that has shown me that life is a most synchronous and amazing dance.

Fear comes from not knowing and knowing comes from trusting yourself and taking your power to move through the moment. What we seem most afraid of is being totally in the moment of that experience of fear. Conquering the fear comes from refusing to listen to our mind which will always try to scare you based on the past or some imagined future based on horror of the past.

If you can move into the moment and simply experience the feeling of fear without the interpretation then it will move. It has to move. It will become excitement of the unseen to come. It will be about change in you, in your experience, in your vision of yourself and your world. Fear is the unkind lie that you are ignorant and powerless.

Describe your understanding of Lemeurian and Atlantean consciousness.

Throughout our journey in this 3rd density, we have enacted many dramas. We came here to experience, and the Dream humankind has interwoven is one in which we have each experienced both the highest and the lowest ranges of the energetic frequency which is Earth life. Through the various circumstances and how we have acted within the limitations of each we, together with our ancestors, have build up a vast repertoire of knowledge and understanding. Our experience has taught us volumes about limitations of disconnecting from our Source.

Our Lemurian life was one where we gradually fell, from the remembrance of our connection and the complete harmony with all life here, to one of allowing others to trample on the truth and we learned to Ignore our own knowing. In doing so, we took on the hurt, anger and guilt of our own ignorance.

Our Atlantean life was one where through outside interference we learned to separate ourselves from each other, taking on experiences of being a slave to others and also being superior to others, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We learned about being powerful and In control, and the arrogance of superiority, together with experiences of being worthless, unlovable, and powerless.

We, in fact, learned about all the best and most shadowy aspects of all we could be.

How does knowledge of previous existences (incarnations) impact the present moment?

Now, we are learning to integrate the experiences of all these dramas we have enacted through the alchemy of love and forgiveness. We can really feel the truth of the concocted reality we have been engaged in and take the truth that we are love incarnate and exist forever, then we will forgive. We will say "This is enough of the game of suffering and separation. No one owes me anything. There is no debt to pay by me or by anyone. It was a game that I constructed and played and for me it is over. I forgive myself for it all. I made all the choices and performed every action imaginable in order to have the experience of them. I forgive all the players in the game and truly “thank you with all my heart for the realistic and complete part you have played. The game is up. Now I know. Thank you, I love you."

Why does karma not exist in the New Reality?

Living life is not about justice and fair play, it is about choices. You making the conscious choices for the experiences you desire. You are the Creator of your world. The tension between the opposites like joy and sadness, love and fear, is what you came to experience and resolve and dissolve. You are learning to move beyond duality.


The New Reality says that you can choose or not choose anything. You are no longer here to learn lessons, you are here on an experiential adventure as a child of the Stars. Karma is the Law of cause, and you are the cause of all you experience. Through your love and by your intents you can create anything, any opportunity for the experiences you wish to have.


For ages now you have created an endless cycle of birth and rebirth, Karma and Justice. Do you want to keep playing that game or do you want another more grown up game? Where you are the initiator; where you do not have to have repeat experiences and you do not have to be at war with yourself and thereby with others; where you share with others as you explore the joy of your own self expression in an unlimited Universe; where your body does not die; and where suffering is a choice that no longer makes any sense because you have grown out of it.


What does a person need to do to reach this mental state?


What is happening to you now has nothing to do with payback. All Karma, all the human experiences of the past ages have risen to the surface and are there to be examined at this time. Humanity has said “Enough!” to the endless cycle of repeat lessons. You have learned all you can about suffering. The game is up. Why not take a deeper, truer viewpoint of the whole game you have been playing? Clear it all forever with your love, understanding and forgiveness. Even drop completely the rules of justice. Balance is already deeply inherent in the Reality of your Love. That is all that is needed. How can you see the most undesirable person in the most loving way. Now, there is a challenge.


And, as you forgive everyone, and especially forgive yourself totally, for everything you have ever done that separates you from any other aspect of creation, you reach a certain mental state. Who in your creation is unworthy enough to suffer consequences of their action, and where would the Law of Retribution be?


What advice do you offer about entering the fuller experience of your own inner knowing?

In my new book, All You Can Be, there is a Chapter called the “Four Pillars of Enlightenment”.

It is about what I would consider the essentials of strengthening your inner sense of yourself and who you truly are. Together they form not only a basic dynamic for self-realization, they become pivotal in developing a fool-proof guidance system for negotiating your own unique path of transformation and alignment to your own ascension process. Briefly and in a nutshell these are.

1. Learning to be in the moment. Experiencing and claiming ones own natural watching self. Becoming totally conscious, totally aware and awake.

2. Developing a point of view that sees the Universe as totally benevolent. Learning to see that everything you see and experience is your world and reflects something about you. The Universe wants you to be all you can be and therefore is continually pointing you in the direction of knowing everything about yourself. Above all it is telling you to look with the eyes of Love at everything you are. It will be happy until you are totally in love with yourself, until you know that you are love incarnate. Until you look for the gifts in everything and then unwrap those gifts and see that they are the nature of you at One with the Siurce of All That Is.

3. Realizing that because you have at some level asked to really know the truth of life and who you are that the process to be fulfilled in this has been set in motion and is inexorable. At every turn you will be poked and prodded to listen to your inner guidance, your intuition, the voice within, the voices of your angels and guides. and the Universe bringing you opportunities. You are on a path and you really have no alternative but to learn to listen to your guidance and trust it. No one can help you in this you have to make your own journey of faith and intuition . The only proof you will get is in the synchronicities you will begin to see, in the fact that as you listen and trust things start to happen that amaze you in their accuracy and sometimes in how they defy logic. The only way you can build your confidence is to try things out. It is a lot about not having a clue about what will happen and when but acting anyway and finding out later the pleasant surprise.

4. This is about the sacredness of you. If you can consider the most holy, the most precious, the most magnificent, and profound quality of existing as a being. Then can apply this knowing to yourself and own it. We find this very difficult to do. However, that is what you are, and it is what you will sense as you touch anything that is holy, sacred and profound. When you sense it you will be experiencing your own Presence. Whenever you are totally at Home with yourself and are living passionately you are experiencing your Presence. The Presence that is totally at One, is entangled with the ineffable Source of All That Is. The most Holy Presence that you are. This is what love is this is what you are.

What is your insight into 2012?

There is a great deal of nonsense spoken about 2012. Human beings love to scare themselves and make dramas out of almost anything. 40 years ago, I decided not to read another newspaper, a) because I always felt disempowered by what was said to be happening and b) because I would often feel anxiety and fear. The world that I see and the world described in the news are not the same reality. I prefer my own.

Growing up, becoming a human angel means letting go of all the dramas. The Mayans predicted the end times on the 21st Dec 2012. They gave no dire warnings, they were describing a fact of the positioning of the solar system in relation to the Great Central Sun and pointing to the fact that it was a time of ending before a time of new beginnings. Nobody knows what is going to happen because we, the human race together with Gaia, have not scripted it yet. However, all indications to me are that we have already entered a benevolent timeline. Whatever happens, the new game in town will be one of abundance and unity, love and self-expression. The consensus reality of humankind has already set this in motion, and in the morphogenic field, a new blueprint for us all. One based on freedom and the sovereignty and dignity of all 6 billion of us.

How do you respond to the existing 2012 controversy?

I think of 2012 as a Love Stargate. A gargantuan wave of Love, Light, Energy is building as the waves are presently washing through us all. How painful or easy the transition is from before completion to after completion, is up to each one of us. It can be bumpy or smooth if you say so. How much love can you take. How much do you love yourself and therefore love all Creation. This is the key to ease of being in these amazing times. Your best means of an easy ride on this wave is your capacity to be at home with yourself, with being here on our beloved Gaia, and being able to hold out your hand to help the next person believe in the truth of who they really are.

Thanks Nicky, for providing us with your reflections. I invite visitors to consult archived Radio and oher interviews with Nicky and also to read his new book. For additional details on Nicky and his latest book, please consult www.angelsawakening.com

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Reader Comments (10)

Hi Liara and Nicky .. thanks that was a great interview. I'd like to read Nicky's book one day .. and now I can add it to my list.

I was pleased to learn a little more of 2012 .. that was quite encouraging that benevolence is coming, there's enough doom and gloom out there at the moment.

Thank you - Hilary Melton-Butcher
Positive Letters Inspirational Stories
August 20, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterHilary
Very interesting. I don't see the belief structure of Nicky Hamid, but the underlying Truth reverberates.
Hilary, 2012 is a topic that stirs many different thoughts and feelings. To recognize the future is not yet scripted helps people see through their own self-created fog. Choose love or fear. The mind drafts the script as you go.
August 20, 2009 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert
Kaushik, one perspective is human existence has for a key purpose to give people opportunities to systematically peel away and dissolve their self-created beliefs. In order to reconnect with inner knowing, which is beyond a shadow of any doubt, one realizes certain kinds of detachment from what is not enable you to reconnect with what is. Every energy being is an angel in disguise.
August 20, 2009 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert
What a wonderful interview - thank you for sharing this wisdom with us! I loved what he said about karma (that's a new viewpoint to me), and 2012. I felt very warm and right as I read that.

Many blessings to you both!
August 20, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMegan "JoyGirl!" Bord
Megan, as you choose to remain open to possibilities, then you prime the mind and spirit for continual expansion. It is said each human being is a temporary embodiment of memory. Ideas pass through the being that is you. You retain and adopt what you choose and discard the ideas that do not make sense to you now.

In a book called Going WIthin, author Shirley Maclaine makes a pertinent comment. She says, "Whether Atlantis and Lemeuria existed or not, we [human beings] out of profound fear, allow ouselves to adopt the modality of survival at the expense of spiritually trusting the process of evolution. An evolved soul is automatically a surviving soul, but our mistrust and fear prevent us from recognizing the wisdom in that." Tap into innate wisdom.
August 21, 2009 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert
Thanks Liara and Nicky for this interview. The things he had to say was really excellent. The part that touched me the most was when he said "If you want to see who you truly are, where you came from, how you were when you came here, then look into the eyes of a baby and young children. That is what we are here to remember." I felt lots of love and great after reading this!
August 21, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterE. Michelle
That's brilliant advice - thank you!
August 21, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMegan "JoyGirl!" Bord
E.Michelle, every encounter you have invites you recall the depth and power of love. The innocence of children wakes up your inner child and reminds you how easy it is to reconnect to the true self. Whether you look into a mirror or into the eyes of pure honesty, whatever looks into your own eyes is encouraging you to connect with a similar thing inside your self. Integrity speaks in stillness.
August 22, 2009 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert
Megan, if you are unfamiliar with Shirley Maclaine's books, they are worth exploring. She shares views and personal experience on expanding transformation.
August 22, 2009 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert

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