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 Sunshine Coast, Queensland 


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Reality according to whom?

The experiences you engage in are constructing an ever-changing sense of reality, but reality according to whom?  Ever step back and ask how you got where you are or, ask why you feel as you do? What grabs your attention? It all beckons you to expand vision.

Consider you live based on your perception of reality. The mind tells you its versions of reality grounded in time and space and advises you how to thrive. You also adopt ideas about what people tell you is their reality, heed their advice about how to achieve success, better yourself, or do what you think necessary to feel satisfied or get ahead. You may struggle to clarify a sense of reality that truly matters and has staying power.

As the mind subsides, what is real touches the soul.  Here, you have nothing to learn, and nothing to know. Nothing anyone tells you factors into this.  Its not a version of reality but the way things are.  What the heart knows intuitively prompts you to let go of the unreal, to surrender and accept what you already know when you stop thinking, defining and resisting.  This reality is not what you want it to be.  It is not your story. It reveals itself from the moment you get out of the way.  Allow the unaltered state to be.  It is forever silent and present amidst all the experiences that hijack your attention.

"Reality leaves a lot to the imagination." -John Lennon