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5 Tips to Feel at more home

You may contemplate moving or know people who have or are. On the surface, this may appear to be for work or new relationships. We are taught that ancient cultures moved regularly, based mainly on seasons and migrating to where different kinds of food was plentiful. Some nomadic cultures still do. Yet, logical reasons aside, is another explanation possible? What if deep down, the urge to change home or other surroundings is based on something unseen that you feel?

Moving house is a symptom of energy shifts going on inside you.  We are constantly changing our levels and states of energy, but many of us do it unconsciously, allowing moods and emotions to determine our state of mind, as well as the external situations.  What if feeling at home where you are is the key to bringing the highest qualities into your life experience? Ponder these 5 tips:

1. See your home as a mirror

At some stage, you will begin to see how your home reflects your belief systems, sense of self-worth, how authentic or natural you are portraying yourself. Be willing to explore this and change or evolve. You may feel your idenitity or what feels right shifting.  People may call you crazy or brave. New values and perspectives are urging you to transform your inner life which is influencing your outer environment to change (or inviting you to move).

2. Renovate your home and life

At this point, you begin to realize that you cannot become your best self without being willing to make changes inside. It grows more obvious what depletes your energy. Yo may feel compelled to put in bigger windwos, rip down physical walls or completely change some aspects of your living environment to suit what is shifting within you. If you resist change, you notice reistsance severely depletes your energy.

3.  Accept what comes to the surface

Many people assume feeling at ease with yourself means an immediate removal of all the heavy energies, and a sudden transformation from a deep sleep to immediate accpetance of all that evokes dscomfort. IN truth, the awakening journey involves constant fluctuations as karmic energy comes to the surface and you work to rid your energy body of those experiences and emotions.  You may have deep wounds from your childhood, past relationships, and past lives that need a lot of attention and healing before you can move forward.

4.  Be willing to shift focus

The desire to move house is a symptom of other shifts going on inside you. When you go out to a restaurant, grocery store, or bank, you may start to see existing ways of functioning as irrelevant or harmful to the greater purpose you are feeling about life. You start to become disinterested in material items, shopping, eating out, and redefine “normal” . You may start to find more solace and meaning in nature and exploring your creativity.  One of the biggest transformations people go through during vibrational shifts is a longing to get out of their current job or home, and to move into a new role or home that echoes their true purpose. Many people even start their own businesses as entrepreneurs, get into life coaching or energy healing arts. When you feel stifled in your current environment, you being to take action to evolve into your greater purpose.

5. Love yourself more

During this time, you probably will feel a deeper connection to Earth and all its beings. When you see pollution in the air, animals being tortured, or someone crying, you will likely experience a strong reaction and wish you could instantaneously heal everything and everyone on Earth.  As you recall how it feels to love yoruself more, you naturally love others more, which deepens empathy towards others. Perhaps redefine your sense of home not only within, but also imagine your harmonious inside energy expanding outwards not only into your home but also into the neighborhood, community, city, region, country, hemisphere, earth, solar system, galaxy, universe, multiverse, source and therefore within again as a complete circuit.  

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Reader Comments (4)

The home is a reflection of the mind and that which is passionate from the heart. The home can be a puzzle in that people will collect things unconsciously or place them in association to other objects to give the conscious mind a message or a feeling that is to be realized and taken to heart which then again changes one's sense of inner and outer home. If someone feels that something is missing or lacking or wrong in the home, then there is a corresponding emptiness within the energy field of the home owner. This however can be complicated in that people usually live with others in a home and so there is collective sharing or melding of energy fields coming together to create an outward appearance. In this case, the idea is that one's inner home is blending with another's inner home, and if someone doesn't accept such offerings to the living space, then this becomes an issue or inner tension that is asking for acceptance, love, or the changing of one's mind in how they currently perceive reality.

Homes also display that which is passionate by the soul which is in essence asking for more reflections or expansions to occur relating to this symbol or energy representation. It is an electromagnetic beacon or lure to attract other spirits or people or situations to their front doors for inclusion. One's home is essentially their alter and prayer or collection of vibrations that subconsciously attracts unique and personalized experiences for its occupants to engage in whole heartedly.

When everything in a home or community comes together and is accepted as a bundle or collective package or spirit, then people lose the attractive forces to do anything further in their surroundings. Suddenly one is being pulled or urged to move to a new location representing their newest vibrational signatures to sign or contract with a new home or community for personal and collective growth. Such a community both has something the occupants desire within, and simultaneously is calling for the new comer to insert themselves in the proper rhythm for new outlooks and visions and projects to be imagined and expanded upon.
November 26, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterBern
Well, this certainly resonates with me. I waited the requisite year after my husband passed away, took the plunge and moved. From our big family home (that needed renovations) and into a nice, neat, condo. I loved the view, but could not adapt to condo life. Fortunately it was a rental as I really didn't know where to go, where to live.

I wanted to be close to my children and I was in the condo. But, it wasn't a house and it wasn't in the country. So when the lease was up, I bought a small house not too far from the one my husband and I shared.

I thought I would like it there. I really tried to. I spend a lot of money renovating this new house, but after 2 years realized I was fooling myself. The neighbourhood was not as nice as my old one. The house still had defects which I didn't like. The by-laws were more strict and whatever else we can through into the mix.

So I sat myself down and had a good talk.
"I'm not happy here."
"So, move!"
"What again??? I will lose a lot of money, is it really worth it? And will I ever find a place that I can feel at home again?"
"What is the price of being happy? This house is not bringing you happiness so.....move!"

And then "our old house" came back on the market. The people who had bought from me found it too far from their work. Even though a house in the country sounded good to that young family, it just wasn't practical.

So, I bought it back! Full circle.
And there are still renovations to do. But I will tackle them slowly.
But I am back home - where I belong.
November 27, 2018 | Unregistered Commenterwendy
Bern, I resonate with all you share. We seek to enhance and reonovate details of our house, when on some level, we are convinced part of us needs improving. Although it is natural to desire to expand into more, we do not always do it from a starting point of self-acceptance. We may fear what we could find in the attic, basement or under the floor, such as old animal carcasses, and prefer not to return to what evokes discomfort. And yet, it is precisely by venturing into the unknown parts of our house and psyche, that we can unearth and remove the skeletons, make the unconscious conscious and allow new sun to shine into our lives. We only fear what we cannot see. When face-to-face with the truth, we are cleaning out the cobwebs, being conscious creators of the next stage of what and where we build as home.

As we begin to see everything in terms of energy, we consciously know we only ever manifest a mirror of our own electromagnetic fields. Energy flows differently based on love (allowing) and fear (resisting). The material state, surroundings, changes in ownership or use of a home, directly reflect our own inner evolution. Situations can only change when the lessons we created them for are learned. What we love unconditionally or judge about our home echoes the degree we accept or reject ourselves. Everything we create is an opportunity to teach ourselves to love more or differently, to connect more authentically and model self-respect by example. How we treat our house mirrors how we treat ourselves.

Oliver Wendell Holmes says it well : where we love is home--home that our feet may leave but not our hearts. We are taught to create a sense of home in the external world, to surround ourselves with beautiful things. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As we grow capable of seeing and feeling our own inner beauty, it takes shape in our perceived external world. We can then see the light reflected everywhere and feel at peace wherever we are.
November 27, 2018 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert
Wendy, thanks for sharing your story. It reminds me of a quote by George A. Moore: "A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it." As restlessness arises within us, it is like an itch that invites scratching. We wish to take action, do something. We are not taught that to be present allows seeing and feeling things differntly where we are. The funny thing is, changing vantage point often changes how we see ourselves and what matters. Glad you enjoy your own process of coming full circle.
November 27, 2018 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert

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