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I am always in the right place at the right time successfully engaged in the right activity whether I know it or not. -Leonard Orr

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Give your life meaning

You exert a lot of energy in your life.  How do you give your life meaning? Notice how the meanings of life and success evolve at different stages.  What do you see?

As a child, you are a spontaneous, free spirit who laughs and smiles freely. You read your own heart with clarity, share, care for others and notice the changes you make as you love. Life has a resonance you can feel.  You respond based on innate nature until conditioned to ignore the heart.  Recall how being around children feels like.

As a student, you may think success relates to getting good grades, being noticed by teachers and accepted by peers. Your work ethic reflects what you are trying to prove.  Hard work and struggle are the assumed path to success. Does a diploma, certificate or qualification itself represent success? Let go of beliefs and reflect on life's meaning.

As an adult in the working world, success is often defined for you by your employer or your job environment. At some stage, you may begin to sense when you work against people, you cannot know real success. Have you ever turned down a raise, promotion, job transfer or opportunity because you honestly feel you already do and have enough? Have you ever sensed competition is unimportant? Have you ever felt success has nothing to do with completing any projects or fulfilling duties? What if you had nowhere to go, no appointments or commitments? What if you had no constraints? 

As you watch films and the media, success is portrayed as power, fame, material wealth, public acceptance and admiration. And yet, still, you may feel like something is missing. Part of you asks is this what life is really all about? Notice how thoughts can imprison you.  Another perspective is true fulfillment is unrelated to doing things.

Another view of success is beyond the fault-finding mind.  It is that part of you that sees and appreciates things as they are.  Recall what it feels like to serve others. Ever do any charity work?  Its remarkable how those you serve intuit how you feel and help you find new meaning in interactions. When you give non-judgmental energy, you find life is not about "me." Its not personal. From the moment you no longer feel separate from other beings, a different sense of success arises.  Only when the mind is quiet, do you stop thinking success requires activities. Then, you taste freedom, see life clearly.

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Reader Comments (4)

Hi Liara .. I learnt late in life when I served on the Chamber of Mines Squash Club Committee in South Africa - we were a big club ... but it was fun - and opened my eyes to so much. I am now volunteering up at the Nursing Centre, but even in the last five years - others in the Wards (relatives and patients; nurses and carers) have always had my attention .. everyone matters - and giving back certainly helps a great deal .. a smile, answering a question, finding something out for them .. always appreciated. Support matters to everyone ...

Cheers Hilary
April 21, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterHilary
I think a lot about what you wrote a few weeks ago inviting us to become aware of the time and energy we spend thinking about the past and future.

"Give your life meaning" and absence of fault finding reminds me that success is immersing our senses in The Now, every now, which is always. THAT is success.

I think I shall go dance around the house with my broom now.

April 22, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJannie Funster
Hilary, the feelings that echo back through you tell you what matters. The confirmation in the heart speaks for itself. You keep doing what feels right.
April 22, 2012 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert
Jannie, the light-heartedness that dances through you cannot be pinned down and yet says more than words can ever say. You already move beyond familliar senses.
April 22, 2012 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert

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