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Grace is when all of your traumas, mistakes, failures and shame make perfect sense and you have nothing but humble gratitude for their lessons.  -Ross Bishop

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Change your focus

If you start making excuses for why you aren't doing things you wish to do, then what you're really saying is that you don't have the necessary confidence in your resourcefulness.  Why not take time to concentrate on developing ingenuity instead?

Whenever you exert effort to explain what you're not doing, you're taking energy away from what you could be doing.  if you value your time, then you'll learn to rethink your priorities.  After all, if you're serious about moving toward certain things, then you only stop yourself.

In order to evolve into what you feel destined to do, it will be necessary to leave what you know behind.  The key is to learn to examine your thoughts, emotions and mindset and learn to understand why these are the platforms that catapult you forward or drag you backwards.

Have you ever thought that many of the people who are considered the most successful have actually experienced some of the most difficult and gut-wrenching life phases? The reason they can become so motivated and inspired is because they have proven they can overcome their obstacles.  They realize that controlling their thoughts and emotions is key to moving ahead.

Positive thinking is a frame of mind which Anthony Robbins promotes in his seminars, foundation projects and other pursuits.  Why is it do you think he has become so financially-successful and so many people seek his guidance?

As a child, he learned how to deal with being abandoned by his father.  Anthony knew what it was like to feel hungry.  He suffered through poverty, adult obesity, low- esteem, living the life of an adulterer and the hardship of divorce.  During his early career, he had a business partner who stole huge sums of money from his growing business.  He experienced uncertainty and chose in court and in front of crowds.  He desired to turn his life around for the better.  He intended positive change and invited that in. 

People like Anthony Robbins remind us that we all have choices.  Our life view begins with how we perceive ourselves and our potential. We can change our focus.  We can learn to udnerstand our emotions and decide with certainty that we will survive difficulties and learn meanignful lessons.  Each of us may crave significance.  We have the power to create this feeling inside ourselves before anyone else will value us.  We define love and can exert efforts to grow and enrich thelives of others.  As we encourage and help others, we also promote lasting connections that strengthen outselves from within more than we realize.  This is our inner power to transform.

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