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Interview with Steph Adams & Samantha Brett 

Introducing Steph Adams and Samantha Brett.  They go the extra mile in their efforts to change the way we perceive ourselves, the world and what is possible for each of us.

Steph Adams is a woman who wears many hats, including international best-selling Author, Art Director, Business woman and Editor of LAQUA Magazine, which she founded in 2017.  Samantha Brett is a Channel 7 News reporter, presenter, lifestyle columnist and best-selling author of seven books herself. As they team up to share insight and fundraise for a cause, they cannot help but have an incredible impact.

For now, let me say, I am very pleased to discover your book, The Game Changers: Success Secrets From Inspirational Women Changing the Game and Influencing the World. It lands in my lap with perfect timing. Something inside reminds me everything happens for good reason. 

In light of your busy lives, I would like you both to know how much Dreambuilders Australia readers are thrilled you create time to get to know you on a whole new level. Love to see how this exchange unfolds.

As experts in journalism, fashion, beauty and writing for huge audiences,  you tune into the pulse of Australia and the world, and respond to interests of the masses.  What led to your desire to raise awareness of mentors who overcome struggles?

Steph: Well, both Sam and I have had very long careers and we to have encountered our own struggles. Coming together for this book just felt so easy because it was something we were both so passionate about. 

Sam: THANK YOU! I Definitely think our lengthy and diverse backgrounds help us look at pulling together a book like The Game Changers from two very different get complementary points of view. We’ve both had our fair share of set-backs and challenges which have contributed to the way we see the world.

Love that you draw from your own life experience to encourage others to hang in there and grow from whatever obstacles they face.  As a former dream analyst columnist myself, I know people value guidance to help them step back, reframe and grow from obstacles and learn to laugh at themselves.  

This said, which specific inspiring themes stand out to you in your book?

Steph: Sharing other peoples stories of success and failure in the world is something that resonates with me. Each story is unique and inspires me in its own way.  I learn from each one.  

Sam: another theme is that rings true for me is 'nothing comes easy!'  

Indeed. You are both clearly passionate about what you do.  Your own lives are inspirational and send a message by example.  Sharing inspirational stories as you do is a bonus.  What would you like women to gain from reading Game Changers?

The essays from women around the world are aimed at inspiring the next generation to follow their dreams. What stands out, is that no matter where we are in life or what we are doing, we can all choose to be open to learning from adversity faced by others. 

So true. We can view setbacks as stepping stones to building strength, resolve and traits to help achieve their dreams.  And empathy allows us to feel what other people are feeling. Every event that unfolds before us reminds us we choose how to perceive and respond to it.  This begins and ends inside. Life is one big miracle but people only notice miracles in those moments when they come to life.

In your latest collaboration, you support the Pink Hope Foundation.  Please tell us about that.  What motivates you to be involved and why create the Game Changers book to support the cause? 

Steph : We both have worked with Pink Hope in the past so this book is a natural collaboration. We really support all the work Krystal Barter does for the Charity.

Sam: A percentage of sales goes to help support Pink Hope after we both lost our friend to breast cancer.  There are some incredible stories in The Game Changers - most of which you really need to read as there are too many to talk about here.

Krystal's story is definitely one of resilience.  It shows us the lengths people are willing to go to survive as well as the power of love. I have known women who have suffered from breast cancer, and related depression, as have many of our readers. Whatever course of treatment is chosen, each person offers a unique story with its own inspiring message.

There is a saying about the six degrees of separation, meaning everyone is really touched directly or indirectly by this illness through relationships. My mother died from cancer. I also had a client who another kind of cancer. She viewed her trial as a wake-up call and stepping stone to make big changes in her life. When she was diagnosed, she already visualized being healed.  During her chosen treatment, she got in touch with her passion for interior design.  Now, she has a thriving business. Chicken Soup for the Cancer Survivor's Soul is another book that inspires people to reframe related issues, and laugh more to heal like Patch Adams advises.

I marvel at how you both spent over two decades between you interviewing inspiring and successful women.  In light of all the unique people you have encountered in your careers, how did you ever choose the women you include in your book?

Steph: Well, a lot of them we have looked up to through out our lives and some we just found so inspiring, we just had to share their stories.

Sam: We also wanted women from diverse backgrounds and industries, and women of all ages and countries. 

What comes through your responses is that sometimes what inspires us about particular people is not easy to identify in words.  As you both interact personally with all those women you profile, you have the added insight of feeling what its like to be in their physical presence and even to know them on an timinate level.  Your book conveys this very well.

In the course of writing the book, what did you realize the women you profile share in common?

Steph: The women in Game Changers are fearless in their pursuits, set goals with determination and go after what they want. Each of these women knows her own set-backs, and the power of resilience.

Sam: And I might add these women also refuse to be discouraged when their options seem exhausted.

What do success and fulfillment mean to each of you? How do each of you see the world evolving in its focus and priorities? 

Steph: I think that success is defined only when you find that moment in your life when you are just happy and content. Its not always about being "successful" as such. When you enjoy what you are doing but don't make success the outcome.

Sam: I think success to me is going to work every day and it never feeling like work! Also, being able to maintain relationships with family and friends, without letting work take over every facet of your life. 

One thing that stands out is you are both globe-trotting career women, as well as multi-tasking mums. What advice do you have for women exploring careers and asking how to do more in less time? How is your sense of priorities and use of time changing?

Steph: When you become a mother, you just realise that things take a little longer to accomplish and complete, but thats ok. The joy of motherhood is wonderful even among the chaos!!

Sam: I try and spend a certain amount of hours every day with my daughter, and that way when I go to work, I don’t feel (too) guilty! It’s definitely a constant juggle and balancing act. I wish I had the magic formula but unfortunately I think the only advice is forget sleep! 

To be sure! Every day is a new day.

Please let us in on your inspirations? Who or what inspires you to be most true to yourselves?

Steph: I am inspired mostly be my friends, family and my two sons.

Sam: Steph definitely inspires me, she’s such a great Mum and Hard worker. My mum is amazing too, and my colleagues at Seven News are superwomen! 

If you decided to interview each other and add a section to this book Game Changers, what advice would you offer the world about creating and realizing dreams? Which pieces of advice from the women in your book stand out most?

Steph: Learn to Zig, then Zag - has always been something that has resonated with me. Some of the advice I learnt from the other women was that failure is all part of the journey, its not the final destination.

Sam: I agree.

Under what conditions do you feel most comfortable and most confident? Which life experiences and especially disappointments have you had that have contributed most to who you are today?

We all have moments in life when things are not always going to go smoothly, and that just life. We sometimes need to accept them and just make the most of the special moments with our friends and family.

If you had to choose 5 things to take to a deserted island, what would you bring?

Steph: My husband, a bottle of Aperol, bikinis, towel and sunscreen

Sam: My iPad, (to watch suits!), A pocket knife (I read that somewhere !), Arianna Huffington’s “Thrive” book for inspiration, My husband and daughter 

What advice do you have for our readers about being a women in this day and age? What helps you be the best you can be? What is to be avoided?

Steph: Be kind, gracious and appreciate what you have because it could all be gone tomorrow.

Sam: Do not take social media (or any technology) too seriously! Life exists beyond it.  

Do both of you have books or films you turn to for advice, solace or inspiration? What are the genres, titles?

Steph: Yes I used to carry with me 5 little books around with me since I was 18 in my suitcase of quotes on happiness and life. They always replace the negative thoughts.

Sam: Arianna Huffington’s books

If you could leave our readers with a some advice about realizing dreams, what would you say?

Steph: Follow your passion.

Sam: Do what you love and the rest will come.

Steph and Sam, your professional initiatives and the way you prioritize family are inspirational. Thansk for offering a glimpse into your true selves and priorities.  You leave us with a few things to reflect on and explore. 

Love that you inspire us all to remember we each have the power to make a difference in the world, one moment and one project at a time. Like you and Game Changers profiled women, Grace Vanderwaal also echoes no need exists to compare what we do.  We are all unique, can choose to see blessings in who and where we are, and accept that whatever we do right now is enough. If and when we are inspired to act on something new, listening to the heart and keeping a sense of humor is key.