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Interview with Alison Clarke-Daly

More people are discovering this life is about creating and pushing boundaries, as well as allowing those we outgrow to dissolve.  Our individual journeys invite growing conscious of gifts we are destined to share with the world.  Along the way, everyone we meet is a teacher.

In this light, meeting Alison Clarke-Daly is sheer delight! She is founder of IntoFreedom, esoteric acupuncturist, workshop facilitator, yoga instructor and so much more. She offers service and interactive Solstice gatherings that enrich the general public.  Feel very privileged that she makes time in her reality to share highlights of her Soul journey into cutting edge Healing Arts.

For the benefit of readers unfamiliar with your work, please share some milestones that stand out your life that helped you deepen insight into yourself.

I am a baby-boomer born in the South Island of New Zealand and the most southern of rural plains.  My parents are farmers, life was good and uncomplicated. The second child of seven, the first girl of two, which means I have five brothers and a sister. I loved my horse, the sheep, the land and the bush behind us. I grew up safe, wild and free although female in a male world it didn’t really occur to me to be subservient to the social norms.  My teenage years were different. I knew in my heart I had to leave. The growth that I needed was not available in the local environment. Although I did not know what that growth was. I just knew I had to leave.  So, in late 1965, I booked a flight to Sydney with two other girlfriends. A big city!! I was 17. I met my boyfriend and to be husband and travelled to Cairns. Not something that I would feel safe for my own daughter to do now! We have a son. Now he has three sons. 

After the journey to meet your husband, any specific travel experience that really wakes you up, shows you what you are truly made of and accelerates the journey inward for you?

We travelled to Manchester, U.K., and returned three years later, driving overland from England to Australia. One cannot travel like this now. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran are not considered safe. It was hair-raising, life-transforming for me. This travel developed a ferrel, survival instinct, confirmed my innate ability to trust myself.

This story certainly reveals a spontaneous, thrill-seeker within who was primed to get your attention.  Seems to guide the next stage of your life purpose. Can still feel the adrenalin flowing.

Which specific pivotal moments led you into the Healing Arts?

The pivotal moments and experiences that lead to my work now were present in my earlier life, I just did not notice them initially. Horse riding and freedom as a child developed trust in my sense of feel. My spiritual training was church on Sundays. At that point in my life however, I considered this outing a waste of time and of no value. Travelling and leaving home early supported confidence and courage in following my own path.  Organic food and clean water of my childhood built a strong body that worked well. Limitations were opportunities for adventure. My education gave me the ability to learn outside the square and knowledge that I would not and did not have to conform. I am grateful to have grown up without alcohol, drugs, violence, TV or medications. I do miss the natural silence.  Music from the external world can be a distraction and guide us in different directions if we allow it.

Please share some of the major obstacles you have encountered in your life and how you have dealt with them. Which lessons do you learn and take away?

As I turned 40, my marriage dissolved. Our son was grown and playing AFL football for the Sydney Swans. I am sorry my son, I was not a very good football mother. I was relatively secure financially, I was at the top of the field in my corporate work, had started and supported a business, yet nothing in my personal life gave me joy. I was blaming my husband for my dissatisfaction and that was not a good thing. He did not have my answers. My unhappiness was my issue to explore and resolve.  This was the early 1990’s.   I moved out of my marriage, bought my own house. Split it in two and rented the front half. I joined a Yoga class. I learnt to meditate. I discovered that I had choice. This understanding totally floored me, for I discovered that until now I had lived in rebellion and in response to others. Just like my Mum!! Bless her.

It is said the term ‘mid-life crisis’ is like a life-changing opportunity to make unresolved emotions conscious and heal them. In other words, a person reaches stages in life where it hits energetically that certain emotions have not been dealt with.  We always have choices to recognize and make necessary shifts within ourselves or not.  As you discover, true happiness is not linked to external people, places or things.  Choice is a powerful revelation on the path to personal empowerment. How did this shift in mindset re-orient you?

Choice is one thing. To know what one wants is another! In a meditation where I had set myself to asking, “What should I do now?”  The reply was in capital letters as big as the sky “BE”.   Just “BE”.  For a doing person, BEING is confusing. Confusion or chaos is the beginning of clarity and order. However, I found confusion painful, depressing and I felt vulnerable until I surrendered to trust. This meant I had to move from my rational mind to my Heart.  To trust my heart’s desire or discern the Whisper of my Heart which is how I come to live, teach and practice as an Advanced Energy Healer with Esoteric Acupuncture and other tools. 

 So, you might say your destiny as a healer found you?

I never set out of be a Healer, Practitioner or teacher. I set out to heal myself. Carolyn Myss’s work led me to explore my desire “to be of service” as opposed to subservient. I studied Yoga.  I wanted to explore the discipline not teach. However, I began to teach. Yoga led me stillness and teaching from the Heart. I studied Shiatsu which expanded my innate ability of clairsentience and the knowledge to feel Qi or Energy. I become a Practitioner. Shiatsu led me to Japanese Acupuncture, Manaka Protocols, ToyoHari Practice and Aromatherapy. All led me to study and practice Esoteric Acupuncture Advanced Energy Healing and the meeting of Dr Mikio Sankey. I feel amazed and honoured with the privilege of sharing the power of Dr Mikio’s treatments and the teaching of other Light Workers and Energy Healers.


What is Esoteric Acupuncture Advanced Energy Healing and how does this differ from Traditional Acupuncture and Chinese medicine?

Esoteric Acupuncture expands consciousness. As we expand in consciousness we begin to expand our fields of awareness and our senses of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and prophecy or knowing. The fields of the Heart strengthen.  We grow more still, certain, find that more grace, love, wisdom, forgiveness, gratitude, clarity, joy and compassion is available and indeed our birth right.  The puzzle piece or path of one’s life becomes clearer more certain.

Love that energy-based healing modalities are growing more widely available.  This emergence of options signals more of humanity is awakening, beginning to recognize everything is energy first. Shifts in consciousness guide us to tap into more inner confidence, to notice expanding opportunities and new ways to view and grow ourselves.

From your direct experience, how does Esoteric Acupuncture benefit clients?

When one is working with Traditional Acupuncture the purpose is to increase or decrease the flow or the amount of Qi in the body’s meridians. Create balance, an equilibrium or wholeness in the mind and body.

In Esoteric Acupuncture, we are working on the Etheric Body and Etheric Qi. An acupuncture needle or other tool contacts a specific acupuncture point and this contact creates a Spin Field. The Spin Field is as a gateway or vortex, the needle or tool acts as an antenna for connection to Higher Fields of consciousness through to All Fields. In many meditation practices this is referred to as Nirvana or Christ Consciousness. In each treatment of Esoteric Acupuncture a New Encoding Pattern is introduced to ones Fields of Consciousness. Creating new geometric patterns (Sacred Geometry) which with clarity and intention support and expand the Fields of the Heart and allow the benefits mention above to become consciously conscious.

Many kinds of initiaties and initations exist. How does work you do awaken the initiate within?

Esoteric means that which is hidden or known to few, the Initiate or Initiated. Esoteric Acupuncture Advanced Energy Healing brings into form and allows Knowing of the Esoteric or the Mysteries as the church refers to something that cannot be explained.

The New Encoding Pattern of Discern the Whisper of the Heart which is shown in the drawing attached shows something of the ease and complexity of a pattern, the sequencing of points and the geometric pattern. Ancient Wisdoms, Sacred Geometry, Numerology, Acupuncture Points which are known as Windows of the Sky, Celestial, Heavenly or Gateway points are connected with intention and active mental energy of visualisation expanding the Heart and Higher Heart Fields. Often clients can sense their wings. The energetic wings of the Heart.


Who is Dr Mikio Sankey and how does meeting him shape your life direction into the advanced healing arts?


Dr Mikio Sankey is the founder of Esoteric Acupuncture and I met him in Los Angeles when I sought treatment to experience this work. I had read all his publications and Knew that I wanted to experience his work.  The story is in on my web page. www.intofreedom.com.au 

I am honoured and humbled that I teach Dr. Mikio’s work. I have found my ‘Spirit Path”. It as if I have remembered and many of those that I have taught say the same. The memory of the practice is almost tangible. I rest in the understanding that “this is my job”. That this life for me is about this journey and the sharing of the benefits of the expansion of consciousness to whoever wants to explore and Know. If I stand back and look at my life and the likely hood of our connection and the work we do. I say logically this is not possible. However, there is a place where logic becomes illogical and I step through that into BEING. And still I seek.

Who is Tom Ledder? How did you meet him and where do your paths cross?

Tom Ledder is a Master Light Worker and craftsman of Selenite Swords of Light. Selenite is an inert crystal and magnifier the hardware of a Sword of Light. The power of a sword is the software which is in the handle. The handle contains 230+ crushed crystals; holly waters collected from around the planet and set in resin. Tom met Dr Mikio, Mikio introduced to Tom.  I work with Tom and his swords. These swords act as tools as in a needle, as in an antenna to open and cleanse Fields and expand consciousness. They are as power if not more so than acupuncture needles. They install a New Encoded Pattern as cleanly and as effectively as a needle and there is no insertion through the skin which means that the constraints of skin penetration do not apply. 

Psychic surgery is growing more known. How would you compare this to the effects of Esoteric Acupuncture?

Psychic surgery is becoming more known. Esoteric Acupuncture Advanced Energy Healing is not psychic surgery. This does not mean that psychic surgery cannot be applied by a skilled practitioner at the same time. The purpose of Esoteric Acupuncture Advanced Energy Healing is to expand consciousness and the fields of the Heart so the Puzzle Piece or Heart Path of one’s present life becomes clear.

Do you notice any similarities in theory, practice and/or public reception to these techniques?

The people who come to me for healing or to learn this skill and lifestyle are already on a journey. They are looking to strengthen their own Inner Path. They meditate, eat cleanly, may practice some form of yoga, qigong or other spiritual practice such as building an Antahkarana. They are teachers or healers formally or informally. Already they have a Knowing, an understanding that there is an energetic form to our lives and we are more than the physical. They understand they are spiritual beings having a human experience and want to live to their fullest potential. They already know that intention, thought (both known and unknown), vibrations of sound and light influence the Fields of the Heart, auric, astral, mental, Buddhic and beyond. They are aware of other dimension and that being in touch with their Higher Self and Higher Heart is possible and desirable. They can sense this, know this, hear this or see this.   The increasing speed of time and light at this present time is not an accident and that their existence now is not an accident.

Esoteric Acupuncture Advanced Energy Healing is not a ‘doing-to’ treatment. It is an opening, expanding and empowering practice that a client has control of at all time. An Esoteric Acupuncture Advanced Energy Healing session can open gateways; however a client may or may not choose to explore them.

Why is it desirable to build an Antahkarana, a Rainbow Bridge or an Inner Spiritual Antenna? How do we do it?

It is desirable to build an Antahkarana, a Rainbow Bridge, a bridge of mental matter, also known as an Inner Spiritual antenna, because it builds geometric form in our Fields. Allows us to connect, develop the strength of knowing, seeing and awareness of the energy field of our Higher Heart. So that we can align, discern the Whisper of the Heart. BE. Enjoy.

Love the impact of allowing more geometry to come into my field. As I continue to see geometry, this energetic shift  within has transformed how I see, feel and understand myself. The result is indeed tangible and unique for each individual. Changes unfold in how we view the world and how we respond to what we create for ourselves.

Tell us about the "Antahkarana 3-6-1" meditation. Please share how it came to enter your reality.

Antahkarana is an Ancient Wisdom Esoteric knowing that much has been discussed about. However, it is only Dr Mikio Sankey in his book Sea of Fire Cosmic Fire, Esoteric Acupuncture Vol lV did I find a description of how to build an Antahkarana. It took great effort to do this, however it was from this effort that I found the will, the desire, the action to go to LA, seek Dr. Mikio and the do what I do today. I have written an eBook which clearly explains the practice including the how’s and why’s of connecting the 36+1 acupuncture points, create the geometric patterns and build an Antahkarana. The book is free to download from www.intofreedom.com.au  

A 20minute CD audio guidance is also available on this site. 

The eBook and CD make building you own Antahkarana very possible. Well worth exploring and enjoying the benefits.

Winter Solstice is fast approaching.  I sense you have something special planned. Please share details of how you celebrate winter and summer solstices. What’s it about? Who can come?

Summer and Winter Solstice Ceremonies have been practiced by humanity for eons. I make this ceremony a special time to celebrate and set direction for the coming cycle. There is no cost and it is open to all. I create a space that is both personal and private yet within a group environment. The process is a guided meditation followed by the invitation to bring into form through writing a list of thoughts and experiences that no longer serve you.  This list is ceremonially cleansed through fire and we return to meditate into stillness and proceed to bring into form through writing a list of thoughts and experiences that will serve you. This list is kept until the next solstice ceremony.

The ceremony is an adventure, a joy, a confirmation of one’s journey especially when one reads what was paramount in one’s life six months ago.

 When is the next such event? What other gatherings do you host?

Summer and Winter Solstice Ceremony is a gift to all who wish. It is my way of giving back. Summer or Winter Ceremony start at 7.30pm on the 21st December and 21st June each year. To join us email alison@intofreedom.com.au

Very generous of you to open your heart and space to welcome those with whom this event resonates. Encourage readers to get in touch with you about this and the Summer Solstice event.

What is the AACMA and why is it significant about the upcoming AACMA event in the Gold Coast?

 AACMA stands for Australian Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Association. Esoteric Acupuncture Advanced Energy Healing was presented for the first time in May 2018 at the National Conference. The presentation highlighted the difference between Esoteric Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.

Who is Dr. Steven Booth and how did you collaborate in this recent AACMA event?

Dr Steven Booth and I invited conference attendees to experience the difference between Traditional and Esoteric Acupuncture (Advanced Energy Healing) We gave 20minute sessions to many. This was very well received resulting in plans for workshops in Sydney and the opportunity to attend FOUNDATION Level l & ll, a 4- day workshop on the Gold Coast in July.

That feels very exciting for you and the future of Esoteric Acupuncture. Why is it important that more people grow aware of human energetic fields and energy anatomy? How does this relate to the ongoing shifts in consciousness?

More and more people are becoming aware of our energetic fields.  We are beginning to understand that we are but light and information. That spiritual or energy fields are not religious and are subject to our thoughts and environment. That wisdom is power and consciousness does expand, and that the expansion of our primary senses is our birthright. It is not just a special gift it is our own right and power to heal, forgive, love, find our Heart Path. Esoteric Acupuncture Advanced Energy Healing is a skill and treatment that opens the doors and allows you to make your own way on your Heart Path whatever that might BE.

Being Here Now is the simplest Way yet often viewed as the hardest .  As Henry Ford reminds us, "Whether we think life is easy or hard, we prove ourselves right."

What do you envision is happening within and around you since immersing yourself in advanced energy healing practices?

For me the journey from the farm, a kiwi kid to the honour and privilege of teaching and treating individuals, witnessing their growth and the joy of that is a miracle in itself.   My skills and the ability in my senses, clarity of mind and intuition along with the gentle loving certainty of Wisdom as opposed to harsh constraint of righteousness is a humbling exciting experience. I am infinitely grateful for the adventure of my life. Still I seek.

What advice or information would you like to leave with our readers?

I encourage you to seek a practitioner of Esoteric Acupuncture Advanced Energy Healing. There will be someone in your State. Consider building your Antahkarana and see what wisdom that that practice unfolds. Do a workshop. The Foundation Level l & ll is open to all. You do not have to be an Acupuncturist or a Practitioner.  The workshop will teach you how to find the acupuncture points and open the spin fields and how to envisage geometric patterns, install New Encoding Patterns and how to expand consciousness and the Fields of Your Higher Heart.    Workshops are in different States although the base is in Melbourne. The next ESOTER ACUPUNCTURE Advanced Energy Healing Workshop FOUNDATION Level l &ll is on the Gold Coast at the end of July. All details are on www.intofreedom.com.au

To book your place for the FOUNDATION Level l & ll ESOTERIC ACUPUNCTURE Advanced Energy Healing Workshop on the Gold Coast

Book Here https://www.trybooking.com/OBGO  


 Add anything else you feel would benefit Dreambuilders Australia Blog readers.

Most importantly, allow yourself to listen to intuition, as the heart guides you. Explore the IntoFreedom Website.

Selenite words of Light workshop and other details are on www.intofreedom.com.au

I am of service. My number is 0422 845 105 I have a clinic in Boronia Victoria you can book online on www.intofreedom.com.au

Thanks Alison Clarke-Daly, for all you do and all you are. Your story and your work are a gift to the world.  We appreciate your gifts and how you fearlessly move forward empowering others to grow conscious and live their dream.

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Great insights shared here. Reminds me of the value of listening, waiting, and being patient for our own revelations.
June 19, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterSue

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