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4 Ways to Reframe the impossible

You may encounter people who expect situations to go wrong, who assume no solution exists, who predict their meeting or interview or exam did not go as well as they had hoped. What if every person you encounter invites you to reframe the impossible? Consider 5 ways:

1) Be a more conscious creator.  Recognize you create every situation you encounter and every roadblock.   From this point of view, you cannot be a victim of self-created circumstances.

2) Know that you only stretch and grow through facing challenges.  Notice when all is going well, you are not character-building and developing inner strength or widening insight. 

3) See through the illusion of disappointment.  Many people assume the worst so that if they get bad news, they will be prepared and stoic. See fear as an illusion that points to courage.

4) Surrender to the unknown.  When you really want something, understand that the mind does not know how everything can happen and is already happening in your favour.

5) Expect the best result. Watch how life unfolds as you choose to have confidence in what the universe has in store.  Allow feeling happy where you are.  Know good things are coming.

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Reader Comments (4)

I am not sure what I can add to this, as you seem to have said it all! But I can perhaps speak to what each of these 5 say to me.

1. The deer have eaten almost all my flowers on one bed they can walk right up to. But, the pots of flowers they cannot reach are flourishing -- litterally! Next year I will create a different flower reality.

2. All is always going well, and we may not realize it.

3. Things always happen for a reason, disappointment is self-created. When something does not seem to go as planned, realize it means better things are in store.

4. Wanting something is the first step to making it happen. You're already on your way!

5. Wonderful! There really is a plan, and good things are always happening.

July 5, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJannie Funster
Pain often holds people back from that which is possible. So when pain or tension or a static field or confusion is presented to an individual, it is an opportunity to lose one's small self to pass through the perceived barrier and into a greater sense of Self and awakening.
July 6, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterbern
Jannie, taking responsibility for how you respond to what is unfolding in your life transforms the nature of your experience. Recognize you think and feel is a stepping stones to discovering who you truly are. As a human, you have an ego in order to recognize how to see through and transcend desire. Everything is orchestrated to reveal the unseen when you are ready to love and accept what is real.
July 8, 2013 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert
bern, imagine everything is a pointer to the fact soul is only ever awake. The biggest joke is that the mind would have you believe you have to do something in order to be yourself. Simply let go of imagined needs. Everything is already here. Everything is an invitation to love and accept what is. As the self-created fog clears, all that matters is clear as crystal.
July 8, 2013 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert

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