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How to detach from it all

As you realize the nature of physical experience, you move deeper into pure consciousness. You detach from mechanisms of control and related paradigms. You move to detach from all vibrational fields and projections to learn to manipulate consciousness differently and detach from drama. 

If you want to understand what is going on, know that fascinating things unfold outside public domains. Imagine quantum physics light years ahead of what you have been taught is real. Beyond basic awarenss of duality and distractions, energy shifts to heighten consciousness beyond the limited mind. Human beings already phase shift and walk through walls. They work with inter-dimensional intelligence.

Part of the process of detaching from distraction involves moving in and out of different paradigms so you become empowered as a more astute observer. People benefit from exploring a range of emotions during a soul journey. Ultimately, no paradigm exists. Nothingness is all there is.

Polarisation of extreme positive or extreme negative is still a paradigm. And yet, in order to grasp different sides to the coin, it is useful to experience some aspects of them. This exercise offers insight into mindsets and cyclical structures as you are also given opportunities to detatch and to give up judging.

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Reader Comments (2)

About ten years ago I somehow got into the practice of looking at things from the opposite point of view. I noticed that society seemed to be always going in the wrong direction, so I would always imagine the opposite point of view and could feel the sensation of standing in that position. I enjoyed the feelings.

However, it soon became a habit and I was always judging society because I thought that the opposite side of the coin looked better. It became an addiction. I was getting tired of my mind jumping automatically without my say so. I contemplated for a while and came up with a game plan. So I created the intention of detaching from the opposite point of view by floating to the center. And thats where I found the sweet spot. A place of miracles. Surrender to the middle after knowing the extremes, and fall through the vortex to the other side. And then the issue vanishes. It dissolves. One no longer gets triggered anymore. There is just peace of mind till you find out you have other issues.

This exercise works.....But truly feel both sides and sense the relativity of it all. Within the circle there is infinite points of views. None of them are right, but they are related to each other....therefore, relativity.
September 25, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterBern
Bern, to choose to feel different emotions offers insight into different sides of a situation until you reach a mental place where emotion dissolves and energy is appreciated for what it is- pure nothingness or neutrality. Human beings are conditioned to want to describe, to stretch a range of experience. This is one understanding of why energy takes dense, physical form. As you say, remove the ego mind or inner judge and nothing is right or wrong, better or worse. Everything is meaningful experience.
September 25, 2009 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert

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