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Regain control over internal dialogue

Analysis of the week on dream submitted by Anonymous in New Brunswick, Canada.

Dream- I was in hospital speaking with an internist in his office. Everything was made of wood. My mind was aware of three levels of perception simultaneously; this man and what he was saying about the insides of the physical body, thoughts of my husband and then, a blur of an unfamiliar male spirit who beckoned me to follow him as he walked through the wall.

Predomiant Emotions- surprise, wonder, desire, acceptance.

Interpretation- The body, mind and spirit require balance to function most effectively. You recognize imbalance in your life and strive to change this. Accepting who you are requires you learn to feel whatever you are feeling now without judgment.

The presence of a physician reminds you of your desire for healing. You may also sense reason to consult a specialist for a health condition.  Review more specifically possible situations you are meant to face. It is impossible to argue with what is without consequences.  As you allow, your true nature arises.

Natural surroundings remind you of the importance of relaxing and learning what it means to just be. You may ask yourself what it would require to release distractions in your life. The very fact you raise awareness to recognize them is enough to disrupt their control over you. It is part of a process.

Engaging in deeper reflection prevents previous experience and emotions from controlling your inner dialogue. You choose not to perpetuate misplaced assumptions. You no longer identify the same way with past interactions with others. You realize when old emotions no longer serve you as you view yourself.

To choose to identify with the source of your discomfort causes suffering in yourself and others. This prevents you from staying non-reactive and absolutely alert and rediscovering true abilities of your spirit. The more limited, ego view you maintain, the more you will fall into the traps of the physical world and prevent yourself from moving beyond them.

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