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8 ways to reclaim your own power

When any part of you questions what it means to really feel emotion, this is a pivotal moment.  You are beginning to realize you are in charge of what you perceive.  You are in the process of doing what it takes to reclaim your own power.  How far will you go?

1) Notice and overcome desire to be argumentative. As you become conscious of negative energy, this is a chance to nip it in the bud. Negativity does not serve you.

2) Detach from ego.  This includes many different phases based on your progress with awareness.  You do not need to be right.  You have no reason to judge or analyze in ways you have been taught. You have no reason to lie, be bitter, vengeful or hold grudges.

3) Expand your sense of wealth.  Many people believe wealth is limited to money and material success. The same people will assume you must give something up to have it, you must be greedy, selfish, densensitized or ackknowledge lack. This is all an illusion. Abundance is everywhere. People do not always see true wealth is immeasurable.

4) Recognize opposites exist for balance. You have a judgmental side to regulate your non-judgmental side and teach you the power of love and compassion.  Every thought and feeling has an opposite because you are learning rediscovering balance and inner peace. 

5) Read deeper into your inner dialogue. Some people catch themselves talking aloud and cut themselves off because they find it funny.  Choose to examine this more closely. It actually teaches not only whay you behave as you do but also why you attract what arises in your life.  Your character traits emerge for certain reasons.  Learn about them.

6) Rethink how you define responsibility. You may believe you are involved in why your life develops in certain directions, but you are unaware that how you choose to respond is conditioned and can also be changed based on a shift in your deliberate intention.  Sensing what do do differs from evolving to do it. No time like the present!

7) Explore different sides of your personality.  Regardless of your prominent traits, you have alternative ways of perceiving and understanding things.  Your approach to what happens relates back to how you make choices and respond to what appears in your field of vision or radar. How you view strengths and weaknesses evolves as you do.

8) Rediscover what non-judgmantal means.  Your core energy and zest for life is stifled more often by judgment than illness or any other force.  Absorbing criticism causes you to ignore spontaneous impulses and natural, free-flowing energy. Remind yourself approval is also judgment.  Discipline your mind.  Rediscover unwavering self-acceptance, universal tolerance and unconditional love.  Anything else is judgment.

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Reader Comments (3)

All very sage advice. Happy New Year! May your life be full of love, peace and wellness.
December 31, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterMark
Mark, may the energy that surrounds you continue to enrich your mind body and soul. May you evolve in meaningful ways and become aware of more mind-boggling realities. Nemaste!
December 31, 2008 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert
Listening to inner dialogue is one of the best thing that we could do. It's like guidance from within, it knows what we want and gives the best respond so we can make the right choice. It seems this too needs practice, the more we trust it.. the more it will work for the best of us.
January 7, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterAvatar

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