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Grace is when all of your traumas, mistakes, failures and shame make perfect sense and you have nothing but humble gratitude for their lessons.  -Ross Bishop

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Only a matter of time

Human beings live in a vast world and spend lifetimes dreaming and seeking to understand it.   Somewhere back in history, many people began to group the idea of guardian angels together with forgotten myths.  What happened to cause people to change their faith and belief systems? 

Angels exist to help remind us to keep our dreams are alive, worth out attention.  If you listen, they encourage you to seek people who can help make your dreams a reality.  They encourage you to believe in yourself.  What reasons might you have to desire to connect with your angel?

If it doesn't matter, then why do your eyes light up at the thought of believing?  You either accept the possibility or you don't.  You either seek ways to learn more about your angel, or you disregard the whole thing.  Then again, you may repeatedly experience phases of "contemplation of the existence of the angel." You may have witnessed or heard about miracles, and talk incessantly, yet, manage to doubt.

Some people ask themselves why they believe or disbelieve.  Angels may enter your dreams or slip into discussions.  Notice how they make their presence known in your life.  Is that you helping? Who are the sorts of people who draw your attention to angels? They offer new clues to why you bet, why you offer to forgive, why you're ready to break a pact not to believe in things you don't necessarily see.

The ideas you devise don't have to seem logical or rational to other people.  The fundamental question is, do these ideas seem appropriate and inspiring for you as the person you are now? You know very well what's going to happen next.  Its only a matter of time.  Make a bet with your angel.  Connecting with your core is like the key to existence.  Your angel will light the way.  Now all you need is faith, will, and to follow your chosen path.

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