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Society going nowhere fast?

Young people in Western societies are told they will likely have at least 6 careers, yet school and university curricula are not keeping up with changes in the outside world.  As the result, students learn less about themselves, social skills and how to adapt in societies around them.  What would you think if educational institutions evolved to focus more on empowering young people to develop physical, emotional and moral well-being rather than emphasize competitive test results? What kinds of changes would you propose in order to help people reverse the epidemic of stress, overwork, waste and indebtedness that is perpetuated by current addiction to economic growth? 

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Reader Comments (1)

This is a beautiful reflection. The world of school has been a passionate topic for me my whole life, as I was witness firsthand to the system that strips away children's dreams and uniqueness to build up a society of sheeple as it were.

With the model of waldorf schools and homeschooling I sense a small percentage of children are being empowered as you share above. I dream of public school systems that too focus on empowering and really listening to each child. With a model of allowing children to study that which they are most passionate about at any given moment inspires one to learn a path of self management as they research and explore what most captures their attention. Imagine the creativeness that would come from such a model. There would be leaps and bounds in innovations that would benefit all of being as people were encouraged to create for betterment and expression rather than monetary gain.
February 2, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterStacey

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