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Envision the ideal you

Every moment, every human being is actually living a dream.  You can be living and creating consciously or unconsciously.  Pay attention to how consistent you are with how you think and feel. Its common to allow thoughts, words and actions to go against the very ideal you envision. Look into a mirror and allow yourself to see your true essence. Flashes of abilities and potentials appear around the mirror and fade.  Where do they go?

Watch what happens as you focus attention on the ideal scenario, right where you stand.  Develop self-discipline and commitment to this vision. What does this entail? How is it already taking shape? How can you allow the vision to take deeper root in your experience? Does your ideal vision resonate with true essence or is it driven by something else?


Jumpstart your greatest healing potential

People hear stories about witch doctors, modern physicians, shamans and holistic healers, but seldom realize we all have an inclination toward specific types of healing. We develop and explore healing options consciously and unconsciously, at our own pace.

You guessted it! We all have healing talents and are more receptive to certain kinds of healing practices. Yet, many people don't realize this or take steps to apply this to perceived states of well-being. Where might you fit in? A good starting point is to recognize your innate strengths in a sense or in combinations of senses. What will you do after you identify yours?

1) Are you an avid listener? People with a knack for healing through words are to whom you'll most likely confide. Ever find yourself suddenly opening up to a friend, relative or, even random strangers in passing? This would imply you're drawn to their healing energy and feel comfortable sharing private feelings and intimate parts of yourself.  Maybe you're also an exceptional talker? Certain healers help others by listening, speaking and sensing vibration. Its all in tone, word choice and establishing a human conection. When these healers don't apply their talents, they tend to block their energy flow, and may experience headaches. Tools such as Tibetan Singing bowls are effective.  Cells vibrate and hear.

2) Are you sensitive to touch? You may be the sort of person who naturally hugs or kisses people you meet because its automatic. Being touchy-feely is just who you are. You may also intuit when people establish boundaries in their personal space. Its a question of knowing who likes to be touched and feeling comfortable talking about the power of touch. These people work with the skin, seek to soothe muscles, and sense benefits of applying gentle pressure or massage. Head, neck and shoulder tension can build up in muscles if you fail to use touch-healing abilities.

3) Are you aware of energy & auras? Some individuals have no need for physical touch to help others heal. If you sense energy fluctuations as you bring your hands close to the physical body, this implies you have potential as an "auric" healer. You can grasp how to unclog and channel energy flow. If you under-utilize innate auric abilities, you may sense energy build-up, tension or arthritis in arms and hands.

4) Are you the type to visualize? You may retain and share the most detail through your visual senses. This doesn't assume you simply look at people and heal ailments on the spot. However, you may visualize the source of someone's health problem and help alleviate pain and suffering, even when the person isn't nearby. You may use your mind to intend problems to be cured. You can imagine all the steps a person would experience internally during a physical or emotional process of recovery. At the same time, visual healers resist focusing on long-term outcomes. To send a message of healing through love, telepathy and positive visualisation, is the goal.