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"The greatest danger for most of us is not that we aim too high and we miss it, but we aim to low and reach it." -Michaelangelo



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5 Tips to Raise the Bar of Adventure

As human beings, we are taught to set goals and push our own boundaries. When we feel excited, we know we are listening to the heart.  Joe Vitale says, A good goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot. As we tune in, yhe same energy can be felt by fear or excitement, depending on where we focus our attention. We can allow fear to hold us back or, harness the energy of excitement and accept it can propel us forward.  Which direction resonates most? That is a choice we make moment-to-moment.

As author of The Secret, The Magic, The Power, and Hero, Rhonda Byrne echoes, Start telling the story of your amazing life, and the law of attraction must make sure you receive it !

Similarly, Vishen Lakhiani, visionary entrepreneur, trailblazer and author of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind, invites us each to listen to the non-conformist within and ground ourselves in a new trajectory. So, be bold and daring. Take these 7 Tips to Raise your Bar of Adventure to  a new level of excitement and peace of mind;

1. Imagine going somewhere new 

Whether its choosing to take a different route to a familliar destination, envisioning an exotic vacation, or travel beyond this world, it is life-transforming to step outside comfort zones. In my case, travel to over 65 countries has repeatedly brought me out of comfort zones, prompted me to face fears, expand my vision and be open to flow beyond physical worlds.  If you astral travel, know out-of-body experiences (OBEs), or other mystical experiences, imagine going further, deeper into new dimensions or future life progressions so you can bring some of that higher wisdom back to this lifetime. When we can dream it, something beyond us creates it.

2. Imagine being something new

Whether or not we believe in reincarnation, shapeshifting or transforming into superheros, what if changing form is a real possibility?  Part of us cannot escape our mind.  We may wish to turn it off sometimes. Yet,  parts of us are always changing. Our cells are constantly dying and replacing themselves. Our thoughts, beliefs and emotions change regularly. Whether and how we respond to change varies. Bruce Lee says, "[We] must be shapeless, formless, like water. When [we] pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup...."  If we have never imagined something like this could happen, take stories and night dreams to heart. Ask how often we live vicariously through fictional characters, imagine being someone or something else?  We may not awaken in fear as a bug like the protagonist in Kafka's, The Metamophosis.  Rather, we may awaken to love in such a way as what we see and feel within adn around us is radically different. Closing our eyes is a step to imagining new states of being. The wind and voice of the Soul guide us.

3. Create new learning opportunities for our kids

What if we could create unique opportunities for our kids to learn and also allow them to teach us? As teen phenomenon singer Grace VanderWaal echoes,  See[ing] Clearly  happens as we consciously create while accepting those things we cannot change.  In my own reality, as a child, I read in a magazine about a highschool that took place on a tall ship that sailed the globe for a year, stopping at exotic ports.  Although that experience did not pan out for me, it inspired me to find and participate in a unique summer camp for Kids of the World where I did circus training and other activities beyond my Wildest Dreams.  As I stretched myself, I used my ingenuity to create opportunities abroad, won scholarships to unique institutions, even attended International Space University (ISU) and explored roles and travel at different life stages. Listening to my Soul prompts me to shake up my life again, drop everything and move 2000km with my family for a school I sense resonates with my kids at this point in their lives.  

4.  Interact with Inspirations

What if connecting more deeply and listening to our true selves is the key to activating what is dormant inside us?  What is this is what revitalizes us and truly gives life meaning? We may describe this as accessig and realizing untapped potential, switching on dormant energetic systems or something else. At some stage, we are each drawn to mentors in this world and even Spiritual or Ascended Masters beyond to empower us to see them as shadows of ourselves. Living in integrity brings freedom and also brings new levels of responsibility. In my case, during self-directed doctoral research, I listed all the leaders and managers I wished to interview, found out where they would be and when, communicated directly or found ways to get myself to attend events where they would be. In total, I interviewed 1500 people in public and private sectors in 10 countries, having created a pioneering exercise in strategic diplomacy. I continue to envision who I wish to interact with, such as imagining fictional characters  as dinner, guests, as well as feel intuitively drawn to interview individuals who help me better understand myself.  Where some people aspire to be evolve into more spiritual side, I am evolving to feel more grounded.

5. Share our revelations

Each of us is on a unique journey in this world, growing aware and integrating unique downloads that are worthy of sharing through our own perspective.  As we uncover our calling, uncover our evolving purpose, this is about embracing our own authority. It also nudges each of us to share our revelations, that is, what is illuminating inside of us that can enrich others. We can share ourselves though media, books, worskshops, seminars, offering courses, though setting examples like living simply, sharing uplifting vibrations and love or other means that feel right now.  Being limitless implies we allow and accept we deny or accelerate our own breakthroughs


7 Tips to Bend Reality

Recently, I was guided to a Masterclass on Bending Reality by Vishen Lakhiani, the Founder of Mindvalley. He is the must-read, best-selling author of Code of the Extraordinary Mind.  These are highlights of what I observe happening in myself that echo what he is saying continues to happen to him and others who make the conscious decision to be open to evolution in consciousness.  Ponder these 7 Tips to bend reality;
1. Start feeling luckier
As expansion of awarenes happens, we notice more coincidences and shift to see synchronicities.  We realize we can choose to create what moves us forward, closer to realizing a heartfelt vision.   In my case, this takes shape as one interview and relationship guides me to another, as resulting connections deepen my understanding of myself. 
2. See things differently
As we see through conditioning, we access the part of ourselves that sees beyond victimhood and patterns that hold us back.  Being open to seeing differently triggers massive breakthroughs.  We are no longer influenced by forces around us. We know our self-thought shapes our beliefs and experience.  It hits that what we believe about reality must align with our inner vibration to bend reality.  We must make the unconscious conscious and heal what prevents us from being in harmony with our highest possible reality and manifesting faster.
3. Engage in meditation
Awakening helps us recognize the spiritual compenent of transforming our reality.  We engage in meditation, shift from thinking and reacting unconsciously to consciously tuning into our energy and feeling reality unfold.  Exploring ancient spiritual wisdom enables us to access abilities that are not taught by the moderrn (Western) education system.  It dawns that accessing higher states of mind is the key to understanding in practice what it is to create and change the world from the inside out.
4. See the nature of illusion
As we explore altered states through meditation, we discover the nature of Maya (illusion) and that we can shift the flow.  This involves setting goals and activating the power of intention.  We visualize ourselves shift, see the power to change is within. We are each our own magician.
5. Realize life can happen to you or from you
In The Matrix film, Neo asks the spoon boy how he bends the spoon. Neo wants to make things happen. Yet, Spoon Boy says; "Do not try and bend the spoon, that's impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth...there is no spoon. Then you'll see that it is not the spoon that bends, itis only yourself."
6. Recode Your Inner World
As you take personal responsibility, you realize something The Secret teacher Michael Beckwith says: we can learn through Kensho (pain and suffering) or Satoris (sudden insights).  Unless we listen to our own Satoris, it seems we create adverity to learn lessons. As we reach the stage where we are recoding ourselves from the inside out, we trigger our own ah-ha moments, consciously create the unforeseen opportunities.
7. Be receptive to limitlessness
Inspiration or intuition leads to your intention.  A perfect example is my family's intuitive move from Melbourne to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.  Our sense of direction is coming through us. We have a gut feeling about where to go.  We moved before the house was sold because we know where we are meant to be and  go wtih that, knowing details are falling into place. This is about shifting energy vibration into a state of openness and receptiveness to limitlessness.  It is when you feel connected to all life. You are tapped into intuition.  Inspired action guides you to goals.  As you listen to this inner voice, synchronicity is more noticable. Whether or not you were taught reality is illusion before now, adopting this belief empowers you to create and realize what might otherwise seem impossible before now.
 Access advanced states of mind
Approaching self-mastery involves conscious control of your thoughts and brainwaves.  As you realize you determine how you respond to the world, you become an active participant and can retrain the mind. The key is to align both brain hemispheres so they generate the same high brainwaves at the same time.  Matthieu Ricard, and other monks have had their brain waves studied during deep medtiative states. Reaseach shows that forgiveness allows people to access similar high states as well as tap into incredible abilities. Forgive everyone who has hurt you, and this shifts you into higher vibrations of love. The authentic love vibration is the key to bending reality.  Boosting alpha brain waves increases your access to inspiration.  Boosting even higher theta waves gives you more frequent access to psychic abilities so you sense what to do, who to contact and it happens, as if by magic.  Yet magic is only a term you use when you do not understand that you transform your life energetically from the inside out.