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Breathwork Psychotherapist
Holistic Coach, Workshop Facilitator 

Sunshine Coast, Queensland 



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"The greatest danger for most of us is not that we aim too high and we miss it, but we aim to low and reach it." -Michaelangelo



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5 things to allow you to thrive

Whether unconsciously or during silent contemplation, we regularly ask ourselves what can we do to be truly authentic, more accepting of ourselves and others, and instrumental in expansion or allowing something beyond us to reveal more of the wider Truth. The short answer is it all begins within.  recalibration is ongoing. Although we may not yet consciously experience our innate power in all its facits, there exist things we can do to thrive.  Consider these 5 tips: 

1. Grow aware of disempowering beliefs and replace them with empowering ones

As we do this, we feel and observe the resulting rapid changes that happen in our lives, Changes in conditions only seem to take effort or magic when we do not understand the energetic forces behind them.

2.  Feel and tune into joy as pure energy 

As you choose to be joyful, laugh spontaneously more often and do those things that evoke joy, you constantly revitalze and inspire yourself to create amazing things and enrich this world. 

3. Express what we love about ourselves and others

As we express love openly without fear, we are healing a part of ourselves that never received the attention and appreciation it deserved early in this life and in other lives (if the pattern).  Share how you feel. Be creative and specific about how and what you love.  Say it loud and clear.

4. Realize this is about unlearning more than learning

As it hits thriving is not about doing more, but about letting go of more of the filters that block it, we discover doing less, letting go of control, has a greater impact than we ever thougth possible.

5.  Breathe the way to clarity

The power of the breath and breathwork are often understimated. The pace and rhythm of your breath shares your story of love and fear. Pay attention. The intensity or tranquility of the breath speaks volumes about the degree to which you thive.  Accepting this process is not really about you.  It is an exercise in humility. The human in you is driven by ego wants and desires. Consciousness and a larger reality unfolds without you.  It moves through the breath.  Revelations reveal themselves with perfect timing.


Ride the learning curve

Notice what happens as you observe life experience as an opportunity to learn (or unlearn).  At some stages, you may even wonder where the learning curve ends.   What happens as you begin to feel there is no beginning or end? What if you imagine whatever you encounter you create as a gift to yourself? What if you do everything with the intention to stretch, to develop resilience, ingenuity and to allow you to see through all that is not really here? 

1) Observe emotions need not control you.  Take a step back.  Observe them, even sing a tune as a way to snap yourself out of the trance. Retain a clear head during situations that would otherwise shake your peace of mind. Know nothing ever does except inside the mind.

2) Be aware of your physiology.  The physical body is constantly giving you signs and communicating.  Be receptive. What you notice and ignore shapes the evolution of your life. 

3) Listen to the heart Be still. Quiet the mind.  Imagine places where you feel comfortable just being yourself.  Create them and go/be there.  Here, you truly listen to heart and soul.


Which messages stand out?


Anytime you are drawn to an individual, you are inviting yourself to learn certain things and unlearn others from this person about yourself.  Which messages stand out ? Who is your inspirational mentor of the moment?  What are they beckoning you to notice or realize that you had not been aware of before?  Every stage of awareness is revealing timeless, inner wisdom.

"I think kids [and everyone, really] should have a mentor and a role model, but that they shouldn't take one person's opinion to be what we call final assessment or judgment about how life is supposed to be."-  Sean Paul