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8 Ways to rediscover supernormal perception

Human beings differ in their levels of awareness of and degrees of resistance to energy vibration. As you intuit power over the self and the forces of nature depend on your understanding of energy fields, then you begin to realize anyone can alter his perception. To be motivated to do so does not mean you consciously know how or achieve consistency.

If you are willing to adjust the nature and path of your learning curves, you may evolve to rediscover supernormal perceptual states. This requires levels of self-realization and an extensive de-conditioning process in the physical world. No human mind can grasp the reasons for this process. Yet, you can evolve to tap into it within and become a more active participant. How?

1) Explore meditation. This practice teaches power of now. You rediscover meaning in silence and stillness. You grow aware of breathing rates, appetite, thirst, basic body functions, limited senses, and also activate dormant parts of your brain.

2) Engage in Yoga. This physical and mental discipline involves learning a series of postures and breathing exercises. Practice leads to achieving new levels of flexibility and control over the body and mind, and noticing misplaced beliefs.

3) Attune to energy. A subtle light body (electromagnetic field) holds consciousness and is made up of small energy vibrations. What you think and feel translates into vibrations which interact or interfere with your base energy vibration. Endless energy is available to those who learn how to take it.

4) Recognize emptiness. This awareness emerges as you discern sensations associated with clarity and openness. Dormant abilities arise naturally. Through deepening concentration, you shift your sense of base energy vibration.

5) Chant mantras. This assists your mind to focus when it is scattered. By chanting mantras, one is able to produce a spiritual effect which is associated with the physical sensation of the chant's vibration. Each mantra has connotations.

6) Grasp how mantras work. This expands yourconnection to the universe and insight into how energy functions. As a mantra is repeated, the effect is felt within and without to create frequencies that evoke peace of mind. Consistency requires practice. Chanting mantras enables you to manifest the intent of the idea in physical form.

7) Discern conditioning.  This stage refers to how behaviors or patterns must be acknowledged and understood for what they is before they are transcended.  As you realize "normal" psychological attributes bleed imperceptibly into the perceptual realms, you begin to connect form with formless.

8) Link the manifested with unmanifested.  This perspective connects the realm of consciousness with where you are.  If you come to believe energy interpetrates states and dimensions seen and unseen, then how you experience energy changes.  Awareness shifts.  Doubt, anger, and fear dissolve. Energy re-aligns.  You no longer offer excuses to give life to what cannot be possible. You simply experience what is.