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Follow your own clues

During pivotal moments, or periods of transition, it is common to reach out for advice about next steps to take. Guidance can be helpful to empower you to get your bearings, to gain confidence in yourself, or even open you up to existing abilities you are not initially aware of.  As you come to trust yourself more, begin to follow your own clues.  Notice what happens:

1) A-ha moments come fast and furious - you no longer have to plan where you are going or what what you are doing next.  Its as if people, places, conditions all present in your life, with perfect timing.  And so it is.   The universe is silently reading your mind without you saying anything.  

2) Questions arising are answered - you regularly find yourself dreaming answers to questions arising in your head.  Its like the inventor comes alive or you ease into the vortex of solutions without doors. The what always comes before the how. A peaceful heart reveals the how.

3) You only see synchronicity - you no longer think about randomness or coincidences.  Phrases like, "small world" or words expressing doubt or sarcasm gently fade from your vocabulary.  You feel every synchronicty is a stepping stone to the next waiting your conscious recognition.


What if its all here?

Notice how your sense of meaning and inspiration in life change as you begin to recognize all you ever want or need is right where you are.  Notice what the mind would have you think and believe is necessary to become, to do or have.  Watch what happens as what you think you have to do is already done.  Address yourself as if you are everything you are seeking.  Get out of the mind.  Feel through the lens of the heart. Notice the impact on your thoughts and feelings.  Allow yourself to imagine how it is to feel peaceful, accepted and loved.   Everything you undertake reaches for love. 

Notice what stands out for you at this stage of your own creative journey. Notice what you feel compelled to do and to stop doing.  Notice what loses meaning, importance and attention.