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3 Ways to get to the Root 

Get to the root of the matter. All approaches have merit. Reflect on these three ways: 

1) Engage in analysis. Some people want to know where to start. They want tools to deal with a situation, to find the way beyond the conditioning that trips them up.  They wish to manage ego.  If tools become the focus, using them can obscure or hide what these people really want.

2) Assume the answer relates to missing knowledge.  Some people seek outside what can take the insecurity of not knowing (self-doubt) away. Everything you think you know or not arises as conditioning. When you do not take this to heart, you allow ego and fear control you.  Be aware of a shift in feeling, the spontaneous recognition of the emptiness that is.   When the mystery of being remembers itself, its not about finding something you do not have or do not know, but accepting what you do not initially allow yourself to be.  Fear is a passing thought.

3) Take a direct Path. Stay with something very simple. The direct path does not tell you what to do with what is not working. It is for anyone who is completely ready. Know that the mind is conditioned to steer you away from this very perspective.  Who is it that suffers? Who has the pattern? What owns the mind? This is going to the deeper root.  Notice whether you are willing to get to the root of suffering, to be at the centre.  Its very different than what you are used to dealing with.  Every moment is an all or nothing opportunity.  From the moment you accept you do not know anything, you accept you cannot know who or what you are.  When you are no longer searching you know yourself by being.  The question 'Who am I?' is not meant to get an answer but to dissolve the questioner.  In truth, there is no questioner, only moving thought.

"The eye with which I see God is the same eye with which God sees me." - Meister Eckhart


Stop getting more of the same

So, you've taken the plunge.  You've decided to start a small business.  Congratulations! Whether you did it because you desire to be your own boss, to schedule your own hours, to provide a service where you intuit a need, or for other reasons, you'll be more in control of your work life than ever. A new source of energy and inspiration is very exciting! Wow!

Now, we all have the power to be the primary driver behind what we do, yet, not everyone takes advantage of this position to better themselves.  Why not you? If you truly wish to stop getting more of the same reactions about work from yourself or other people who disagree with your attitude or choices, then you'd benefit from a willingness to clarify where you are and why.

1) Commit yourself to your new venture.  Even where you are starting a business beside a regular job, you will not succeed with a lack of effort.  Deciding you will make it happen means you will consistently devote a certain amount of time every day to developing this venture, through networking, phone calls, bookkeeping, website building, marketing or whatever. When the option becomes financially viable, you may leave the other job and focus on business development.

2)  Ask those questions you have been afraid to ask. It is forseeable that you'll encounter situations or information you do not completely understand.  This is a sign its time to consult a professional.  Remind yourself lawyers, accountants and outsourcing other experts could be in your interest.

3) Encourage yourself.  Motivational books, business seminars and conventions are ways you can develop yourself at the same time as share valuable lessons learned.  You will find that remaining open to new kinds of information will not only promote your personal growth, but will also nuture your continuing interest and enthusiasm.  Remind yourself being happy and knowledgeable will build client leads and trust.

4) Prepare for uncharted territory. Finding the courage to step out of your comfort zone is admirable, and it often brings its share of obstacles which require problem-solving.  That you feel ready to face uncertainty is a big step to devising the strategies you will need to move ahead.  Prepare yourself mentally for challenges, and they will be less likely to scare you.

5) Decide to seek and change yourself. Business success doesn't necessarily evolve if you begin with a plan to change the world.  However, if you accept you're on a new road of self-discovery, and you take steps to learn,  you'll find your efforts will make a positive difference.  Understand every choice and action enables you to get-to know yourself better.  Everything you think, say and do reveals a bit more about yourself.  The better you know your strengths and weaknesses, the more your business can benefit.

“Be willing to be a beginner every single morning.” - Meister Eckhart