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“The world we are experiencing today is a result of our collective consciousness,
and if we want a new world, each of us must start taking responsibility for helping create it.”
— Rosemary Fillmore

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The Key to lengthening Life

Notice the key to lengthening life is understanding everything in terms of energy and cultivating the Tao.  This is about setting in motion the circulation of energy and aligning with universal or divine will.  It is about turning inward, being aware, controlling the unseen energy path. Being harmony is allowing consciousness and life energy to merge in thought, word and deed.  

You can view areas of your outward life; personal, professional, community/ hobbies, family or other, and feel the energy that you are generating and receiving. It is clear whether you are engaging fully, 'heart and soul' or not. The nature of feelings echo resonance or dissonance.  Being here now is about sharpening discernment, seeing beyond the illusion of linear time, being willing to shift focus of attention and energy flow toward resonance.


Staying power

Notice the conditions and relationships that have staying power or longevity in your life.  What keeps them in your scope or focus of attention?  What solidifies a bond between friends or partners and convinces them to 'stick it out' even when circumstances are difficult? What keeps certain people connected?

"The prospect of growing old together," admit one middle-aged couple.

"The loneliness I see among mature singles around me," replies one married man.

"We give each other strength," admits a female partner of 10 years.

"The joys of our children and grandchildren," explain grandparents.

"Shared values," notes a married woman.

You hear about financial troubles, serious illness, workaholism and other hurtful habits or activities, and yet, people who choose to stay connected somehow recognize how trivial many of their trials, disagreements or concerns really are.  They talk things out and let go.  They learn how not to hold grudges.  Instead, they focus on what brought them together.  They reminisce about how and why they overcame problems in the past. 

Couples that stay together through hardship learn it enables them to grow stronger and build trust. They learn the value of apology and forgiveness in and work through destructive, negative thoughts and feelings.  Healthier relationships are those where partners find ways to face the truth about themselves and also evolve together. A shared vision, a willingness to listen to each other, can lead to a relationship with staying power.  People will often offer you advice about your life.  Evaluate it thoroughly from your perspective. You are accountable for your decisions. Depend on yourself. Have faith in yourself. Share your intuitive views and see what feels right.