Dr. Liara Covert

Breathwork Facilitator/ Speaker
Conscious Living Guide/ Coach

 Sunshine Coast, Queensland 


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See beyond the gap

Many people engage the physical senses and experience two dimensional worlds.  You may sense gaps between things but not physically see them and therefore deduce you are imagning it.  Yet, are you really?

Nobody can tell you what reality is.  You have to find courage to go and look for yourself.  One aligns with innerspace, hyperspace or other worlds based on a willingness to explore gaps in space or understanding. 

Rest assured, other dimensions extend to eternity. Many are holographic and multi-directional. The nature of layers of the inner and outer Matrix reveal themselves as one dematerializes the importance of ego. Choose to journey to that point inside self where you realize the real you is spirit rather than ego.  Be free.


What comes into your experience?

This is a journey that never ends. For some people, existence is a constant flow of wonderment and grace. For other people, they choose to experience reasons for fear and anything but what mind desires. Take a closer look at what comes into your experience. What stands out? What are you told?

Let's say you only decide to choose only what feels good, what fills you with happiness.  How does your perspective shift? What would you let go? You would sense different shifts in perception.

Right now, you are invited to detach from what you are told is right, from what the mind is conditioned to believe, to reconnect with what it feels to experience the flow. You are invited to redirect attention to the air you breathe and the subtle nuances of energy within.  The inner experience shapes the outer.

You have the power to shift focus from chaos and imbalance.  You can choose to sense those things you did not see or accept before.  The key is choosing to get out of your own way. The way exists to feel good any moment you choose. Simply turn inward and reconnect with what you have always known.