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5 Tips to Honor yourself

Honoring yourself is about paying attention and listening to yourself.  Whatever arises in response to your experiences, which can include no response at all, shows exactly where love can be sent. Ponder these 5 tips to honour yourself:

1. Locate feedback in your body

Whether you feel intimidated, like a failure, powerless, discouraged, or still wanting things to go a different way, each feeling invites you to zero in on feedback in your body, and get-to-know yourself better.  This is an opportunity to intuit deeply into your own messages, to thine own self be true.  Be empowered.  Remind yourself who is the master of your body.

2. Acknowledge your feelings

It is not necessary to know what to do or how to respond to your feelings.  Yet, it is poignant to be aware as they arise or as soon after as possible.  Watch judgements you have in relation to struggles you face.

3. Surrender

This is about relinquishing each conflict, burden and hardship in a way that allows spaciousness, relaxation and relief to take over.   Each confession you make to yourself unleashes divine grace that allows the universe to flow through you more effortlessly. 

4.  Let go of regret

You might gasp and say, "if only I had kept my mouth shut" or, "keeping that secret would have made life easier", or, "Why did I leave myself so open?"  Although you may not get the ego's desired result, every apparent ending or closing life chapter always gets the best possible outcome for everyone involved.

5. Make peace with loose ends

Every effort you exert is an unconscious attempt to avoid pain, despair and suffering.  In the emerging paradigm, it is imperative to make peace with emotions so you are no longer caught in a cycle of seeking out one feeling and avoiding others.  This is part of awakening out of polarity so you are no longer at the mercy of highs and lows of life. Excitng gains do not have to be followed by undesirable losses. Everything shifts as you are receptive to a new way of being.


Talk yourself out of a mistake

Consider that no decision you make is ever a mistake. The body does not lie. It has no agenda. It is in a deep relationship with soul.  Listening to impulses and intuition may seem like rebellion to the conscious self. And yet, what the mind concocts is not always truth.  This is a new paradigm.

Let's say you are moving to a mental place where you are learning to detach from judgment and conditioning.  What if you choose to let go of negative ideas, illusions of insecurity, power, and boundaries?  What if you are deciding to feel more vulnerable? Reflect on different ways you can view a situation you initially viewed as a mistake or others do. What else could this mean? Here are 10 possibilities. Expand if you choose;

1) You are honoring your right to choose.

2) You are choosing to mature.

3) You are opting to say what feels right.

4) You are stepping more into true self.

5) You are redefining what it means to respect the self.

6) You are moving into a fear-based place to overcome it.

7) You do not have to explain it or figure it out.

8) You are transcending what you have been taught.

9) You are never alone and guided by the unseen. 

10) You are reminding the self that the unknown is valuable.