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“The world we are experiencing today is a result of our collective consciousness,
and if we want a new world, each of us must start taking responsibility for helping create it.”
— Rosemary Fillmore

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Be sure about right action before jumping in

Notice what happens as you forget about what you want from yourself and the world. What happens within you is determined by you. Being joyful where you are, come what may, enables you to infuse positive energy into goals while also accepting no real need for anything to happen in your life right now. If something does, great.  If not, laugh anyway. Detachment is helpful here. 

Attachment to a particular outcome is a natural consequence of exclusiveness.  The moment you choose between something and something else, or discriminate with expectation, misery is inevitable.  Setting an intention and letting go is not taught. The more common response is to cling and get anxious something may not happen.  This kind of thinking is precisely what pushes the vision energetically away from experience.

Notice expectation arises from a very limited picture of life.  If you wish to yield maximum in this world, then hold no expectations.  Create a vision and send it to the universe.  By all means take steps to nurture the vision.  This does not mean you do not have an orientation. If you have expectation and limited idea of how things can happen, you cut off possibilities and create tension in the chest and other muscles. 

Expectation holds power over you when your sense of happiness is linked to the future.  Focus instead on the blessings in this moment. Be sure to be in a joyful state before jumping in, heart and soul, to create a different situation.  Creating a vision is just as important as trusting the universe. What you do in between affects whether and how the vision unfolds.


Be happy no matter what 


Notice how external events train the mind unless you see the physical world as it is.  To discover you are awake is to observe thoughts, feelings, the underlying vibrations and expectations. The desire to control subsides.  Choose to feel good no matter what.  Do not allow people to discourage you. Imagine the worst.  Know how you view is always for the best.  

Every moment invites you to be aware of what people and situations you permit to affect you and how.  When emotional reactions arise, they are serving you.  The universe invites you to notice, understand and let go.  Loving inner peace is always yours.

"... the soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears." - Native American Saying


Move beyond the story

Now is the moment to recognize the story you tell and thoughts you create are not you.  They are not the source of your satisfaction or fulfillment.  Even as people and conditions seem to fall into place, they do not present for the reasons you think. You exist to awaken to the dream inside the dream.  You feel meaning beyond identification and expectation.


What if you have no expectations?

You are where you are to open the heart to what exists for you.  This is an opportunity to recognize everything is a reflection of who you think you are.  Some people sense what they experience is what they know themselves to be.  To know requires no thought or belief.  You choose to be fully empowered or to postpone that.

Ponder how your body is a filter, a conduit, that transmits energy into forms you discern in the physical.  You can sense when your attention is distracted from what feels balanced.  The invisible or unmanifested, grounds you. It often only grows apparent through discerning aspects of times and space.  Allow yourself to sense everything.

You may be in a situation where changes you perceive around you are distracting you from what you experience inside.  What if you are not seeing clearly when you look outside the self? What if alignment is only truly experienced as you remember what it feels like to feel beyond self-imposed limitation?

Remind self nothing happens to you.  Everything actually happens through you.  No person senses this exactly as you do in this moment.  It may invite you to debate reality and then release energy that no longer serves you. 

Ultimately, conflict does not exist unless you imagine it. To detach from all expectations changes everything.  Choosing consciously means focusing your attention on peace, love and joy. Life is pure Cosmic Synchronicity.