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Sunshine Coast, Queensland


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"Health is a state of mind.  Wellness is a state of being." -Anonymous


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5 Tips to strengthen yourself

Regardless of what is arising or facing in your life at this stage, the moment is ripe to review and on these five tips to strengthen yourself:

1. Eat more alkaline foods

Benefits of eating more alkaline diet can include better heart health, stronger bones, decreased pain and the reversal of nutrient deficiencies. Foods highlighted as part of an alkaline diet include; whole fruits, legumes, vegetables, raw foods, green juices, beans, and nuts.

2. Take cold showers

Cold showers actually increase alertness, lucidity (clarity), refine hair and skin and also jumpstart the immune system and circulation. The cold water in a shower is even known to reduce stress and speed up recovery of sore muscles.  If your mood is a bit down or depression crosses your radar, the cold temp can help raise your spirits too. 

3. Hydrate more often

You need to be drinking half your body weight in pure water or healthy fluids every day and few people actually drink before they feel thirsty.  The latter indicates the onset of mild dehydration.  Anytime you feel stress arising, drink a glass of water to assist your body to recalibrate.

4.  Immerse in Nature

Getting back to Nature or spending time in natural environments is like getting in touch with yourself. Taking in the sounds and smells during a walk, hike or other nature adventure, allows you to relax, reflect, recalibrate, in ways you may not yet even realize.

5.  Listen to the heart (intuition/ Soul)

Listening to the heart is about knowing you always act (or not) for more than one reason. There is that which is conscious and that which is unconscious.  The ultimate purpose involves making the unconscious conscious and facing your shadows to accpt and integrate all of your fractured parts.  Listening to the heart is about feeling your way through life, taking action spotaneously and learning to trust yourself more.  The more your love yourself, the more you trust yourself for conditional love and trust are one in the same. 


More than you could ever want

As you travel in a directionless direction, you experience more than you could ever want. That which you are is absolutely fresh.  That which you think you are is old and gone.  This is not a teaching or a belief.  It is a version of the dream.  Investigate for yourself without hoping, yearing, and desiring.  Thoughts about who you are appear within the mind of who you are. Silent awareness is alive inside.  It is aware of all dreams, all action and non-action.  It does not oppose anything.  It points to something you discover. Stop believing in anything.  Notice what happens.  Realize being.  Feel the nature of what draws you to sense what is. Who you are cannot ever be taught.


What ideas emerge from you?

Where do your thoughts orginate? Notice when they stem from peace and joy, and an understanding that goes beyond words. Notice when thoughts invite feelings of chaos, disharmony and fear.  Notice how you react or respond to anger and other emotions expressed around you.  You can be guided, but you make your choices.  Determine when you are ready to go into a new space, to make a shift.

Suddenly, you contemplate. Which point of reference? Which direction? Which apparent guide? As you take deep breaths, you begin to remember what it feels like to let go. You choose to relax, to visit a serene space.  This is a series of revelations.  As you raise awareness, you realize people around you are attracted to the same thing.  You connect, exchange energy, and silently self-disclose.

The more peace, love and joy you experience in every moment is the result of your choice. You have infinite opportunities to make choices that expand you.  Every step you take is a stage of raising awareness.  You may not realize you choose to transform your life.