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Interview with Ian Morris

As part of meditation, people are often surprised to discover the power and effectiveness of sound healing.  During my spiritual journey, tuning into specific frequencies has triggered major shifts. 

In this light, I am pleased to share an interview with Ian Morris,sound alchemist, founder and in-house creator of all music offered through Listening to Smile. Imagine that during the last four years, he has created a new album every month.   May the powerful inspiration keep flowing!

Pleasure to share this ancient wisdom.

Please offer a glimpse of your story...

I have over 20 years’ experience as a musician and have studied and worked in the performing arts field all of my life. I was raised around music and some say I was born with a natural gift of creativity. What lead me down this path of sound healing and frequency was my own personal struggles and journey through chronic illness and the anxiety and depression that came from being so sick. I explored sound and frequency using pure tones and then began creating music with these tones and other sacred frequencies to help facilitate my own healing. The results I experienced were astonishing beyond anything I could ever imagine. My family and friends noticed the miraculous change in my health and this led them to inquire more about what I was doing different. They wanted to experience this too.....and thus, Listening to Smile was born.

Its incredible to recognize that facing challenges is often the key to building the inner strength necessary to accept and express our innate gifts. How did this creative work take shape for you?

I began working with small groups in my community and studied how frequency affects many different ailments, illness, and dis-ease of both mind and body. I even built a sound/frequency table so that the body could be completely immersed in the vibration of the tones and frequencies.

No wonder people are finding specific sound frequencies complement other types of emotional release work. Breathwork, aromatherapy and sounds, all help us to let go of what we outgrow and align energetically with what matters. What sort of feedback do you receive?

I took feedback and input from doctors, psychologists, and holistic practitioners to streamline and solidify my services. My goal was to create a customizable experience. As the programs began to develop the clients were shocked and elated by the results. This work grew into the live sound healing events called “Sonic Meditations.” As more and more people wanted to experience his frequency music the program expanded into an international community.

"Sonic Meditations"...I love the vibration of this! How has this affected lives of people you know and yourself?

I have seen first-hand how frequency music changes lives, not only in the hundreds of people from all over the world that I have worked with, but also in my very own life with dyslexia and illness.  Listening to Smile frequency music is transformational. The possibilities are endless for how Listening to Smile music can transform your life and heal your body, mind, and spirit.

Share some key milestones...

Some key milestones or pivotal moments were when I realized that in the first 6 months in to doing Listening to Smile full time, how powerful to work with the frequencies everyday.  Sometimes I would work with them 8-10 hours a day.  This provided me with huge release work and healing.  It is one of the reasons why I am so passionate about this work today.  I know it works and that the results last.  Another milestone was two years ago when Listening to Smile went international, into Australia, Ireland, and Canada.  Earlier this year we expanded even more into Belgium, Scotland, and Mexico.  This is significant for us because we can see how our work is beneficial to different cultures and demographics on a larger scale.  

Sound itself, without interference is endless flow. Listening to Smile echoes and awakening the infinite nature of true self. Now, which of your 5 familiar senses is most dominant? 

I would say my hearing is definitely most dominate. 

Whan did you grow aware of this?

From a very early age, my mother and father bathed me in music.  Everything from Miles Davis, John Coltrane, to Bob Dylan and the Beatles.  I grew up with a appreciation to music.  Later in life when I took up instruments, I already had a foundation from being exposed to so much amazing music early in life.  The crossover was very easy to becoming a musician.  I believe musicians listen to music differently. 

Its true that music touches us emotionally in ways words alone do not. How would you say musicians hear music differently?

It relates to the sensitivity of the ear.  We hear more acutely, what many people do not pick up on. The next step for me was becoming a sound engineer. I was involved in the mixing and mastering of my music.  I learned to separate the instruments in the recordings and to look for any imperfections and look for any creative ways to portray a certain feeling or message.   After 20+ years of doing this, I think my hearing has just become more sensitive than the average listener.   

What is your intention in doing this? What kinds of benefits do you see or envision?

Our intention with Listening to Smile is to bring education and awareness of frequency as a modality of healing to people all around the world.  We facilitate this through our healing music and affiliate programs.  Our affiliates interact with thousands of people each month through meditations and sound healing.   Using our frequency minded music, we have seen recovery from several illness and conditions some example are pancreatic cancer, autism, severe anxiety, and depression.  I myself was dealing with an autoimmune issue along with chronic illness and found powerful results with breath work, sound healing, and meditation.  In 2012, I was 312 lbs and in a year I lost over 110 lbs by utilizing breath work, sound healing, and meditation.  This again is why I can be so passionate about what I do.  Through my own experiences I know this works.  

How do you imagine this complements breath work and neural therapy that focus on emotional trauma release?

Frequency is the great disrupter.  It has this amazing ability to block out fear and anxiety by simply blocking our past stories by creating a space where we are sitting in the eye of the storm in the mind.  When sound healing is applied with intention setting and declarative statements, there are amazing breakthroughs with release work and healing that can lead to reprogramming the mind.  This in turn can give positive tools to effectively deal with pain and trauma in a completely different way.  

Has listening to Smile music ever triggered  past life recall or other spiritual experiences?

Yes!  There have been moments during sessions where I have seen myself in ancient settings (Egypt and Atlantis) working with sound tables and devices.  Doing what I do now is almost second nature and feels very familiar to me and always has. 

Please share examples of where music has positively affected the health and well- being. (link to sample would be helpful)

  390.6Hz - It was given to me during one of my meditations.  It so strongly came through to me that I had to work with it immediately.  I started using tone generators with headphones and then transitioned it into my own songs.  The benefits were immediately noticeable, where it completely cleared out the cobwebs of my mind and my body had a huge release.  It set up an emotional vibration that it would be impossible for fear, anxiety. or worry to be present.  Here is a link to one of our most purchased and licensed tracks in our catalog,  "Belief Code 21."  This frequency is beneficial for stress relief and relaxation.  

How do you see Humanity (past, present, future)?

I have always considered myself a time traveler.  I definitely have a strong connection to different periods and times.  I pull from these different periods and times for my influence in the work that I do now.  I am mindfully-connected to the past, present, and future simultaneously.  

What a wonderful reminder that on some level, time travel occurs between the ears and the imagination. Listening to silence and then, mindful music enables us to tune into this. Why do you feel more people are not aware ofthe benefits of sound healing?

To be honest, I think it's because people think it's too easy.  They believe it can't possibly be that simple to just use headphones and listen to frequency. We have been raised in a society where the answer have always come from a pill or prescription.  What we are seeing take place right now is the crumbling of this empire.  I believe people are kind of in a discombobulated state.  I think that we just have to do our best with helping people to be curious and trust themselves and their intuition.  

Oh yes! Many people in the West are certainly conditioned to make complicated what is simple.

Are you familiar with the documentary film, Heal? If so, what are your impressions? 

I am indeed familiar with the documentary film, Heal.  It is absolutely amazing!  Joe Dispenza and Medical Medium are in that film and they are some of my favorite speakers.  

Agree whole-heartedly. It is a timely piece of work that invites the public to recognize the value of alternative approaches to healing abd how they can complement other forms of healing and self-healing.

Have you heard of the sound healer? (If not, highly recommend  this film).

Yes, however I have not seen it.  I will definitely check it out upon your recommendation. 

What insight or advice would you like to offer?

Through my own personal experience and the work that I have been doing with Listening to Smile over the last 5 years, I believe stress is the first place that we have to target for true healing.  I absolutely believe that sound healing has something to offer every person on this planet.  From the time of our conception until the time of our birth we become acclimated with this reality with sound and vibration in our mothers womb.  This is one of the most natural and powerful ways that we can co-create the healing in ourselves with Spirit. 

Share anything else you would like to add.

Every month Listening to Smile produces frequency minded music in the themes of the 
astrological energy.  Our goal is to further align our themes and CD frequencies to the direction and greatest needs of the collective consciousness by working in tandem with monthly astrological events and universal energies.  In turn, our monthly Sonic Meditations for 2019 will be created with frequency selections with the potential to best assist in integrating the current cosmic conditions and maximizing the divine flow for growth and evolution set forth by the markers of our greater cosmos.  

Please let us know where people can contact you, share event details, links, etc.

Website: https://listeningtosmile.com

How to Get Music: https://listeningtosmile.com/get-music/

Interviews/Podcasts with Ian: https://listeningtosmile.com/interviews-and-podcasts/  

Email: ian@listeningtosmile.com

Phone: 802-489-6183

Thanks again Ian, for sharing a glimpse into your sound healing journey and inviting the wider public to savour a taste of this directly.  After all, the truth can only be felt. Each of us exists to find this out for ourselves.


12 Signs a move is in the cards 

For many of us, its increasingly obvious that change is on the horizon.  In some ways, you may feel like change never stops.  What you may not realize is how your life is shaken up is preparing you for something. 

In another way, whatever is happening is nudging you in new directions.  You do not always get exactly  what you want but you always create exactly what you need. Consider 10 signs a move is in the cards:

1. Night dreams repeat

Repeated dreams are a sign of the intensity of your focus. They may urge you to take a closer look at what you are resisting or not yet dealing with.  Other repeat dreams highlight the inevitable. Something within knows repeatedly seeing yourself in a new place is more than deja-vu. Intuition sniffs out its a premonition. Ever feel like you are in the process of catching up with a version of yourself that already exists in different situation/ place?  All of your dominant thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are creating and impacting your reality, even in your sleep!

2. Daydreaming replaces real life

When you spend more time daydreaming being somewhere other than where you think you physically are, you know the new reality is getting the better of you.  The more you focus on something, the more you are reshaping your perception, and the quicker you are manifesting new experience (provided emotions and other behaviours do not undermine or block the process).

3. You no longer keep it to yourself 

When you shift from reflecting about something to speaking about to others (not just yourself), this echoes growing confidence in your own ability to allow details to fall into place. Expressing ideas and/or feelings in words, and making them heard, breathes life into your vision.  When you start asking people if they could imagine you living in the place that reonates or appeals or, take this up a notch and tell people you feel you are moving soon, the vision is taking on a life (or timeline) of its own.  You are consciously focusing more energy to make it real.

4. The vision takes physical form

Another shift happens as you go from speaking about something to creating a tangible expression of the vision.  As you find travel brochures or stumble across magazine images and relevant social media stories, the urge arises to create vision boards.  Imagining being in this place and setting the intention makes it that much more real. You feel it in your fingertips, bones, every part of your being. 

5. Your horoscope  & numerology align

Some people use horoscopes and numerology to guide them in light of confusion directions.  Yet as you focus enough energy on a particular thought, the external world mirrors it back or gives you opportunities to add more meat to the bones of your vision. Horoscopes and numerology may simply echo to you that a big move is coming, something your heart alrady knows when you read the signs.

6. A job transfer beckons

This might seem like the geographic move is obvious but you still have the final say.  It is one of the more obvious nudges you are giving yourself that a move would be a good thing. Entrepreneurship may have crossed your mind before or gives you flexibility for where you live anyway. Your boss may suggest a change of scenery in a branch office or assignments suited to a remote contact. It may hit you your relationship to work is changing and no longer seems connected to a geographic place.

7.  You outgrow the local energy

Maybe you are growing aware you have less in common with friends and communities in your current area. It is said that the 5 people you spend the most time with are the people who's traits or abilities are emerging and manifesting through you.  The more you outgrow friends and activities where you are, the more liekly you are ripe for the energy of a new setting. If you are a forest dweller, perhaps the beach feels inviting. If you live in the city, it could be farm life that grabs you.  Feeling the energy of yoru environment is key. 

8.  The universe gets physical

You start to get it when huge tree branches the height of your house literally fall into your front yard, repeatedly knock down power lines or lightning hits your house.  The universe is always giving you messages through earth, air, fire and water as well as the action of vegetation.  Its up to you to decode them, resist what you are telling yourself or, go with the flow of the wind.

9. Impulse grows to declutter

This goes above and beyond the annual impulse to spring clean or put out items on the curb for community clean up.  You may be going through parents' stuff or boxes from deceased relatives you have been stashing in closets.  What about clothes you no longer wear, or furniture that no longer appeals? Suddenly, you have this feeling that the moment is ripe to have a garage sale, post items on ebay, drop items off at op shops or donate to causes. There is a method to what looks like madness.

10. Real estate agents approach you

If you keep getting letters in your mailbox from property agents looking to represent your property or invitations to local community real estate marketing events, this is another sign. The flip side happens when you sign up to be notified of new properties coming on the market to rent or buy in your area of interest.  All of a sudden, you are getting emails and photos of places that echo you are well on your way!

11. The housing market is hot

When more people are searching for houses in your area than available rentals and properties can satisfy, this is another hint that suggests its time for a move or to sell (if you own). 

12. You get here

The what (vision) always comes before the how (steps to make it real).  Something within you may buy a ticket to visit the area on yoru mind to do reconnaissance, check the place out, get a feel for it with more than the physical senses. You may check out available rentals, land for sale, even property to buy. You may even already intuit the inside scoop the where and what and why.