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What is the point of astral?

Astral is a concept that sometimes confuses human beings. This supersensible substance pervades all space and forms the substance of a second body that mirrors your physical one.  What seems a bit quirky is everyone has one, even if they do not detect it.  This accompanies the human body like a shadow and survives the physical body. You may ask what's the point?

1) Its your dream adventurer.  This is the part of you that explores the fantastic places of your night-time dreams. It is the extension of your immortal soul that has unlimited lives and immeasurable opportunities to use them. 

2) It retains data about past lives. This accesses thoughts, feelings and lessons learned. Its key to unexplored layers of consciousness, previous lives and detailed explanations for the emotional baggage and beliefs you resist letting go of now.

3) It passes through energy openings. This is where you may encounter light, have spiritual visions, encounter spiritual beings.  As you attune to energy, you slowly discern ways to pass through dimensions at will and with deliberate purpose.

4) It stimulates awareness. This implies increasing lucidity. How you raise awareness determines what events you notice on energy levels around you while conscious, awake and alert.

5) It gives you tools. This ability assists you to examine the nature and significance of dreams. That is, are they symbolic? Do thery pertain to events or feelings you have selectively repressed and forgotten? Do they concern people you know, mundane events or deceased persons seeking to share a story?

6) It draws attention to extra-sensory perception. This reminds you of untapped abilities in terms of heightened sensitivities. Some human beings learn to access wrinkles in time or omens and act as oracles in the physical world. Access to privileged information demands ethics and responsibility.