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Sunshine Coast, Queensland 


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“As we discover more and more of the truth within ourselves, we are changing our way of life at the core." -Vladamir Megre




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Relax into natural rhythm

Breathing points to the answers you seek.  Close your eyes and listen to your breathing.  Notice subtle nuances, details.  Notice what your physical body and what the non-physical aspect of you is revealing through the breath.  Be receptive to questions that might arise.  Who are you? Where are you?  What is the nature of true reality?  Relax into the natural rhythm of the breath.  Release all else. Tune into your divine signature or core frequency. Be ready to discover how little effort is required to be honest about who you truly are.


No explanation is necessary

Notice what life is like.  Notice what is common to everything.  Notice what you are resisting and allowing.  Whatever you think is not possible, whatever mind tells you it cannot do reveals resistance and conditioned beliefs.  Notice what it feels like to exist when no explanation is necessary. Questions answer themselves. Be aware that images, vibration and light energy express what words cannot.  Everything invites one to talk less and listen more with the heart.


Notice why you ask

Notice what you ask for in life and what you are really asking beneath or behind that.  There is always more going on that the mind recognizes.  You are constantly invited to see through the question and come to understand the nature and motivation of the questioner.  As you query the question itself, you are allowing deeper assumptions and beliefs to reveal themselves.  What are you ready to notice and let go of at present?

As you are open to directly experiencing everything, you live the question. Very subtly, you are experience the answer. You emerge into being as the questioner from the answer you do not initially allow yourself to see.  All parts of the whole co-exist inside awareness. This encompasses everything and nothing in this moment.

"The question is how the questioner exists." -Kedar Joshi


Its all right in front of you

To awaken is to live based on what is real.  It is to know unconditonal love is forever present, even when the mind would like you to focus on other emotions.  It is knowing that the sun and blue sky do not disappear whenever the clouds and rain arrive. 

Notice what captures the focus of your attention and what you allow to shape your mood.  Notice how you are conditioned to assume the sun is present during the daytime and moon and stars are present during the night.  In truth, both are always present but your focus shifts as mind tells you what to see.  This draws attention to selective awareness and what you block out.  Notice you tune out and back in at will.

Consider the conditioned mind tells you to see what you think is. It distracts you from what exists beneath or beyond it in this present moment. Questions and answers, problems and solutions exist in the same way. Notice the mind urges you to focus on questions and problems when answers and solutions are there as well.  Notice order is present in chaos. It all comes down to what you are choosing to truly see or overlook.

"The mind is like a butterfly that flits from one flower to the next. Seldom do we find ourselves nestled in the excuisite and eternal ocean of here and now. When you are, you can connect with your true self that is beyond the chattering of your mind."
- Denise Linn


Notice everything from a total view

Whatever you notice, you can choose to view it from a perspective beyond the mind, beyond conditioned beliefs and attitudes.  You can choose to see everything from a place of non-resistance and fearlessness.  As you recall you are an energy being, you know whatever you are vibrating is reflected in what you feel.  How you feel influences which manifestations unfold, those you discern or overlook.  Notice your focus now.

Consider you only ever communicate with yourself.  Every experience invites you to recognize and drop mental filters that allow clarity to reveal itself.  What feels right is as meaningful or meaningless as you decide.  What you are allowing or surrendering to determines how much of the real presence of being is noticed.  This is changeless.

To know deep down all is well enables you to step back from what appears to be unfolding and reflect on how it relates to the whole of who you are. Being who you really are is to see everything through the lens of unconditional love and acceptance, to see every situation as offering you a message about love. Difficulty only exists in the mind. You already know how eagerness and inner peace feel. Everything reflects what soul knows. You choose how and what to see. Notice how easy it is to be keenly aware, to know the universe confirms all that matters. Every moment is as remarkable or non-descript as you allow.  Every imagined division that falls away expands the view.

"Awakening is the process of overcoming your false self and discovering your True Self." - Steve Baxter