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The hook of a mystery

Something about the hook of a great mystery engages millions of readers.  Recent surveys reveal that thrillers and detective novels outsell all other fiction.  Something absolutely astonishing is happening.  More and more of us are engaging vicariously in the lives of protagonists who get murdered, are muderers themselves or, seek out and bring these murderers to justice or forgive them, if the conditions are right.  Not everyone goes to jail or gets hanged or the electric chair.  

Consider that Adventure & Action films are the most popular and Drama is number three in most popular movie genres in North America 1995-2019. The popularity of the film clip Next to Me by Imagine Dragons echoes how gut-wrenching and controversial death row is in real life, yet we watch films about it. Recall The Green Mile with Tom Hanks.  Millions were captivated. Fear of death and fear of life are why we are riveted by uncomfortable stories. What else stands out?

What stands out is that mysteries often involve multiple genres, including drama, and invite us to emote or live vicariously through characters who act in ways we rarely if ever do in real life. Could the growing popularity of mysteries/ dramas be saying we are growing more excited about decoding mysteries in our own lives?   Many of us enjoy losing ourselves in a great movie or book, but how many of us realize we are hooked to something directly related to what is happening inside ourselves? To our perception and consciousness... 

Look at it this way: virtually everyone experiences anger and has thoughts of what to do about it.  Yet, not everyone allows negative energy to control their action, like Kathy Bates in Stephen King's Misery, at least, not every moment. The idea muderers are so popular invites reflection. 

As we breathe our way through events in our daily lives, we encounter different events and must decide how to respond.  Much like Bilbo Baggins of The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien or other of our favorite characters, we are each on a Hero's journey.  We are called to adventure.  We encounter perceived challenges and must decide whether or not to succomb to temptations.  We  consult mentors, experience revelations and shifts in perception and conditions. This is how we balance the psyche, make the unconscious, conscious or the unknown know. The ultimate mystery is ourselves and we have repeated opportunities to explore and forge a path to deeper self understanding.  We are each like Paulo Coelho's Alchemist.  We are inviting ourselves to breathe our way to clarity.

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