7 Keys to Optimal Living
Wednesday, April 11, 2018 at 7:53AM
Liara Covert in Consciousness, Life Lessons, Optimal Living, connection, weekend rainforest hike

What if you could get closer than ever before to living optimally? Begin by jotting down what this means to you in the short  term. Use as much detail as you can. You can add details about medium and long term to this at another stage.

For now, ask yourself how would you go about grounding the short-term vision. What can you do to feel better about yourself where you are now?Which steps can help you inspire self-directed initiatives and positive change? Invite you to begin with these seven tips to get closer to optimum living:

1. Identify repeating patterns or challenges that come up for you

2. List negative feelings that have been arising

3. Be sillier and immature more often (i.e. pillow fights, laughter, tickling, spontaneity)

4. Join us for our weekend rainforest hike

5. Take up a regular spritual practice alone or with a friend

6. Watch movies in a genre that evoke your humor and light-heartedness

7. Schedule in time to explore new ideas, innovate and connect with new people

Share your ideas and experiences for living a more fulfilling existence. 

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