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5 questions to ask

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself:

1. Why resist or seek to get beyond a particular feeling?

2. Who is it that must / must not get angry or should not complain?

3. What is really happening as you suffer in silence?

4. When you take action to get somewhere {make progress) where are you headed? 

5. Which choices enable you to get to truly be happy?

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Reader Comments (1)

1) Resisting feelings blocks them from being processed and backs up and builds pressure in one's body, and energy system. However, once such feelings are hurt through triggering mechanisms and relationships, the pressure is momentarily released only to build up again with time. To move beyond a feeling, even if it deemed bad or inappropriate by the experiencer, one must love and nurture the feeling so that it can be incorporated into one's greater being.

2) People often hold guilt or shame from openly expressing their negative feelings and tend to hide those aspects of unresolved self in fear of being shunned or rejected by family, friends, or tribe. However, for those people that they are comfortable spewing out that which is in contempt becomes a sign that they trust them enough, usually unconsciously, as a mirror to work through the pain they are suffering through. The attack is actually a call for help to look closer and to see and draw out the love that is buried deep inside in the darkness and recesses of one's psyche.

3) When one suffers in silence, one is essentially in limbo or purgatory, and becomes unavailable for feeling the enlivened and fresh energy that surrounds us at any given moment. One's walls and shielding therefore holds back the essence and vitality of life.

4) When one makes progress, they are actually drawing in more energy and life force into their bodies which allows them to interact more fully in the here and now. When all blocks are lifted and all shielding is down and all issues are resolved, then one equalizes with the outside world or cosmos where pressure no longer exists and fear has lost its reign. One then simply floats with no where to go and yet everything to experience.

5) Acceptance and Love of that which is on the mind and to truly feel and become in alignment with any pain held in the body returns one to the purest state of uncomplicated happiness.
December 6, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterBern

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