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3 Tips to make yourself an authority in your niche

To make yourself an authority in your niche means people desire to be around you and are willing to pay accordingly for the privilege.  Consider these tips to get to know yourself and jumpstart your manifesting. 

1. Be clear on what you have to share

This may be self-evident but may not be clear to the rest of the world. Brainstorm what you are good at. Notice where you focus most energy and time. To be clear about this, to convey it consistently with confidence attracts people interested in what you have to offer.  How you talk to yourself and present yourself is creating your life and your message.

2. Know your market  

Who is it that relates and needs what you have to offer? More importantly, who can pay for it? You need to be able to distinguish paying and non-paying markets and focus your time accordingly. Somewhere is the Middle road where enough people can relate to you that they are also willing to come to you and value you materially.

3. Tap into your networks 

Take inventory of your contacts. Been involved in media? Reach out to your networks. Let people know what you do and create a referral bonus. By being regarded as able to satisfy client desires, through word of mouth, you begin to draw in clients from the networks of others.  As it snowballs, many people come pay to consult with you.

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I am not a sir, I am a sri
June 28, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterBernhard

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