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Joy is a stepping stone

As you nurture faith, joy can arise.  Trust the universe, come what may, and joy is all that is felt. Suddenly, you know that whatever you need presents in your life without openly asking for it.  When you ask for things, you simply postpone what is here in the moment you are receptive.  Turn your head to the side and glimpse a spider spinning a web.  Notice how it feels to be a dew droplet glistening in the midst of this unfolding miracle.  Whatever you do, you are a miracle.

A joyful feeling of self-respect or good conscience is a stepping stone to deeper happiness and fuller concentration on what is real. Notice that to focus on what feels good, on what reflects balance and harmony, is deeply calming. Focusing on what does not appear to be going smoothly evokes a sense that something needs fixing or improving, and you take steps to make it happen.  In this case, effort appears to be a stepping stone to joy that you tell yourself is within reach.

Notice what bliss feels like. The deeper the focus on joy, the clearer the insight that arises.

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