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Live life to the fullest now

If living life to the fullest in this moment is possible, what prevents you from doing so? Who or what are you waiting for?

Imagine for a moment, you only ever wait for yourself.  No-body else exists. You are in process of catching up with true Self, that aspect of you in the know, aligned with higher wisdom. It exists in a timeless space. You imagine this pure awareness watches 'you' in silence, all your experiences and aha moments framed in space and time.  Can pure awareness foresee your choices before you make them? Who is really watching whom? Can a watcher watch itself? a fire ignite itself? a light illuminate itself? 

Of course, in truth, separation is illusion, but is fun playing the game or you would not be so engaged in this game of life.  Live your best life now.  Savour every moment. Love everything and recognize you cannot hide from innate wholeness forever.

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Reader Comments (3)

You are a woman after my own heart. I , a student of A course in Miracles, have recently come to realize that truth. We are not separate and time is just an illusion created by an ego.

Thanks for sharing. :)
December 30, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDale-Lyn
The hardest part of life for me as i find my self living on earth is to be in the general public.... I sense too much... thoughts ... ideas... feelings pop into my head associated with anyone that i may hold witness too. I hear them therefore telling lies about themselves.... I know they are perfect just as they are.... but it seems to trigger a sense of uneasiness in me. I re-project an image of beauty upon them if I am up to it. I suppose i must convince my self that lies are also perfect..... that it is all a part of the experience game... to know what it is to be separate.... which my having such a thought then cause me to experience separation.... I need to celebrate their choices knowing that they too are moving from lies into truth through their own sense of time into the timeless. They too are me.... i shall just wave and know that they are having fun with it outside of the ego state of being.
December 31, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBerndt
Bern, you can talk about the Self as the vastest possible Self (the totality of all being) and the separate Self you are taught to perceive inside a bag of skin. In truth, the eyes look out of one central Self. Any discomfort you feel recognizes you want to make something out of no-thing. You talk about the unspeakable. Logic only grasps labels. Outside logic, you have less to put into words. Without them, all is meaningless. Just because something cannot be described does not mean it isn't real. Just as you do not notice what your pineal gland is doing right now, you do not notice what ties all Selves together through eternity. True self does not need to look at itself. A light has no need to shine itself. Fire has no need to light itself. Still, you can still recognize the totality. Love all that arises. Even uneasiness and tears are invitations to love fearlessly.
December 31, 2013 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert

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