Accept heartfelt wisdom
Sunday, August 12, 2012 at 6:31PM
Liara Covert in Consciousness, Soul, acceptance, body, intelligence, personality, soul, wisdom. heart

Sense the magic of a given piece of music arises in the silence between the notes.This holds all forms together.  Its the soulful energy that flows through all things. 

The heart is invited make connections between innate soul wisdom and thoughts flowing in the mind.  Pure love offers a frequency that reveals the true heart is open.  If you wish to live an abundant, joyful and loving life, simply feel the way into these frequencies. Everything is vibration, is a field of energy. a kind of consciousness. 

The soul is the intelligence behind all that is visible.  Feel the way of the universal soul as you recognize your soul is a perfect copy of divine being.  Teach yourself to read between the gaps of words and lines.  Heartfelt wisdom reveals itself with clarity.

Recognize that the body, personality and soul are all sending you messages.  What do you choose to listen to and truly hear? The soul knows the way, the personality shapes the course and the body manifests the ways and choices made.  Read the signs.

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