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7 eureka thoughts to shift perception

The mind may convince you to feel disoriented until you grow aware of steps of awakening. Situations and mindsets you are leaving behind and creating are slowly clarifying for you. 

Even now, you are in the process of triggering eureka thoughts to shift perception. What do these 7 ideas mean to you? 

1) You realize part of your memory is only temporarily erased.

2) The mind gradually acknowledges truth is only blurred.

3) At soul level, defocused memories are fully sharpened.

4) A sense of 'unknown' does not mean things are unknowable.

5) The mind is never dragged blindly or unwillingly anywhere.

6) You are not engaging in imaginary dialogue with the unseen.

7) Frequency and vibration of energy are aligning into focus.

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Reader Comments (6)

Hi Liara,

Everyday we exist is a day of awakening, unfortunately most of us are still asleep. Thank you for urging us all to be our own alarm clock. :D
August 24, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterAlexys Fairfield
Hi Liara! What a beautiful name you have! Can't say I've heard it before but it has a heavenly sound to it!

Your post is very thought provoking. I'm particularly fond of # 4 and especially 6. I am a journal junkie and often dialogue (with myself?) in my journal. So when we are talking to ourselves there is a sense of wonderment for me, like just WHO is it I'm talking to?
August 24, 2009 | Unregistered Commentersuzen
Alexys, every person stacks information that conforms to an adopted reality. People sense and reject at will and can shift consciousness any time they choose.
August 24, 2009 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert
suzen, every human being is an energy being with different levels of consciousness. Some people begin to realize they have conscious and unconscious minds, and otehr people sense additional layers of knowing. Each journey is personal and expanding based on your choices.

I invite you to read my Self-Disclosure: Changes from Within book. The book structure and interactions among different voices empower and inspire in ways that encourage you to get to know forgotten parts of yourself.
August 24, 2009 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert
Nol. 5 speaks to me today! It means I'm in control of my mind and thoughts, not the other way around.

My husband has been looking for work for more than 4 months. He has lost 15 lbs. by walking every morning and picking up trash in the neighborhood. He also started metitating with me 5 days a week.

I've written affirmations for both us on index cards that we read daily and keep in different places to use as needed.

2 weeks ago he decided to begin his own accounting practice. He already has 2 contractual jobs, a letter going out to his former clients, a website and me to help him market it.

I've also gained more direction in my carreer and will begin again to lead women's retreats, workshops and have been hired for speaking engagements in 2010.

That's the power of focus, commitment, discipline and Spirit!
Thanks for all of your inspiration and guidance. You really have made a difference in my life.
August 25, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterTess The Bold Life
Tess, thanks for the news! As you realize, it is possible to reframe everything about your experience. Transformation begins and ends inside the mind. You discover the power of pure concentration channels unseen energy vibrations. As you grow more aware, you realize you harness this energy and can re-direct it wherever you choose.

The human mind is conditioned to be very results-oriented. As you learn to step outside the limits you have imagined, you realize they are part of an exercise to get you on track. Any apparent discomfort is a blessing in disguise. I explore these ideas in my Self-Disclosure book as well as in an e-book about expanding consciousness.t Your heart-warming story also inspires people to realize only good things every truly happen. One simply has to be open to that perspective, to trust and have faith.
August 25, 2009 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert

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