Facilitate a dying wish
Tuesday, June 16, 2009 at 10:34PM
Liara Covert in Health & Healing, Life Lessons, awareness, cancer, love, support

Life on this planet does not always seem easy.  Amidst the constant acts of identifying and overcoming your own challenges, you may suddenly turn attention to help others realize a dying wish. Every gesture also helps yourself.  Part of you is in the process of dying, going through transitions. Another part of you is learning how to truly feel renewed. 

Whether or not you realize it, every moment teaches you based on how you choose to live.  Many people arrive at a point in their lives when they assist loved ones in primary care during illness.  You may do it directly or indirectly, hands-on or from a distance, for parents, grandparents or someone unrelated. How can or do you already help someone realize an end-of life  dream? What does it mean to you to be part of that?

Some people do not feel giving up the life they lead is a sacrifice when the alternative is genuinely enriching someone else's existence.  Changes in someone's health often trigger wake-up calls for family members. Do you ever ask yourself if such conditions invite changes in areas of your life?

To learn someone you care about is in an advanced stage of a serious illness might compel you to transform your life. You learn to turn thinking off, to re-awaken dormant power of intuition. You just do what is instinctive, what makes sense in the moment. This inner process opens channels of love within you that logic may have temporarily obscured.

One person's apparent crisis is everyone's crisis and also a blessing in disguise. The immortal soul dances through space and time and taps you gently when you are not being true to your authentic self. The dying wish of someone to accomplish a task with your help may hide another dying wish inside for you to be who you are. You do more than one thing unaware.

Wherever you are, stop as a meditation exercise.  Look around. Be everything you see. You are part of all things, and also part of something bigger you do not yet comprehend. Notice what you do and where you do it right now. Who is with you? Who's spirit do you feel nearby?  What you are not doing and what you stop doing are just as purposeful as what you are. 

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