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Dyan Garris & interview on Angel wisdom & energy

Dyan Garris guides many people with her gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. As a voice recognition psychic and trance channel,she helps people attune to and use power in the chakras, and be the best they can be.

After expanding my own insight into angel intuitive work through workshops with Heavenly Angels and Doreen Virtue, I learned about Dyan through her extensive writings and Blog Talk Radio. She kindly shares views on angel wisdom and energy.

When did you realize you connect with angels?

My earliest recollectionof connecting with angels was at four years old. An angel came into my room and spoke with me. Although, they don’t really speak, rather, they just “communicate.” The angel told me that it was very important that I remember who I am. At that tender age there is no “doubt.” I didn’t have a definition of that word. My favorite book at the time was “The Littlest Angel.” I recognized the being that was communicating with me as an angel. I asked my sister if she could see or hear the pretty angel and she said no.

Did you everdoubt of this truth?

I knew what I was seeing and hearing, so I just didn’t have any doubt about it. I’m sure that helped lay the foundation for what was to come in my life. I just never had any doubt or fear of the truth. Therefore, I gave myself permission from a very young age to just be who I am. I learned to validate my own parking ticket, instead of having others validate it.

Explain how you attune to energy vibrations.

Everything is energy. Certainly we’ve been hearing a lot about that lately. It’s time for us to begin to understand and assimilate that and take it in as the truth that it is. Energy here is designed to flow in a certain way. When we understand how energy is designed to flow, it’s easy to attune to it. You just flow with it. You have to be willing to do that, however, as a first step.

What are the intentions of your soul?

I came here, as everyone does, to learn and teach about love. My intentions are to provide people with the tools they need for self-empowerment. That is what the entire Spiritual Toolbox™ is about. It’s a model for people to use for connection and alignment of purpose and co-creating.

How do you help people understand soulful experience is not limited to 5 senses?

I say this: We have our physical body that we are quite aware of with all of our senses. Then we have our spiritual body, which is no less real, but which we aren’t quite so attuned with because most people can’t “see” it. If you being to understand yourself as having a very real spiritual body, you can begin to understand how important it is to take care of it just as you would your physical body. The soul is indwelling. When we connect the dots, connect the energies that are contained in our spiritual body, with the physical body, there is nothing we cannot do. Limitations become an illusion and synchronicity becomes the order of the day.

Choose 3 things you resonate with that help you grow.

Meditation is one. Another is being willing to examine oneself at a very core level, and being then willing to get rid of what no longer moves you forward. This is where people have the most trouble. They hang on to things. Another is the willingness to love without conditions or fear. I am never afraid to love. The challenge in any moment is always to BE the love.

Share an experience where you know you were making the right choice yet, you were afraid.

I’ve never felt afraid of any choice I’ve made. It’s not that I’ve always made “right” choices. It’s just that I’ve never been afraid of them. All paths eventually converge to take you to wherever you’re supposed to be or go.

What does fear teach you?

Whenever and wherever there is fear there is opportunity to return to love. It’s from love that we create, not fear.

How would you advise people who wish to reconnect with their authentic power?

The first thing is to get out of fear. The second thing is to examine what is blocking you at the root. The third thing is to learn how to live in the moment. And the fourth is to be willing to align with your purpose.

Scarcity of self-value means many people often forget who they are. What is the greatest gift?

Every single day is the greatest gift. There is opportunity in every single day to be who you are. It’s a choice.

You are a master of manifesting. You write on angel awareness, intutitive cooking, channelled messages, and other topics. To what do you attribute true success?

How sweet. Thank you. True success is measured by what is in your heart, not in your wallet. We achieve true success by just doing what we came here to do. Sometimes that doesn’t show up as our current definition of success (money). And that’s ok. It’s when we go chasing after trying to “make” money that true success eludes us.

 What guidance can you offer people who commit to goals, but do not realize them?

Goals are a function of the mind and of the wants, needs, and desires of the ego. It’s not that they are bad or that we shouldn’t set goals. It’s just that this is not where we create. The energy of creation resides in the root, not in the mind. Goal setting and intention setting is and should be a form of alignment with our purpose. Anything else puts us in a position of getting in our own way.

Any additional thoughts or ideas you wish to share?

Yes. We’re definitely starting to get it. When the universal Law of Attraction filtered in here as the truth that it is, people took it as a way to get what they want. That’s not the purpose of it. The Law of Attraction is but one step in the process of manifesting and co-creating. So it was very important that we learn it. But now we need to take it a step further. We need to take everything several steps further.

Thank you Dyan for sharing these insights. It is reassuring to many human beings to realize the positive forces of angels are everywhere, and accessible to everyone who chooses to believe.

Visitors are invited to learn about Dyan's Spiritual Toolbox™ full of products for multi-dimensional living and integrative healing. This includes the bestselling book “Money and Manifesting,” which was an award winning finalist in the USA National Best Books of 2008 Awards, a CD series of music and meditation for healing, Automatic Chakra Balance™, relaxation, and vibrational attunement of mind, body, and spirit, and a line of jewelry for Automatic Chakra Balance™.

For details about free spiritual advice column,  “Voice of the Magazine” for Multi-Dimensional Living, Free angel card readings in three languages and phone psychic readings by real psychics, and her Manifesting Therapy, consult

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Reader Comments (3)

Liara, you and Dyan are two wonderful peas in a pod -- spreading your light and positive energy! I really like what she says about turning fear back to love, and about validating one's own parking ticket, both very empowering choices to make.
June 12, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJannie Funster
Jannie, each person has total control. You choose what you will and will not do. You choose to love or you choose alternatives. Everything you do is valid, legitimate and useful on your path. You can learn from others and also from listening to your true self. Stay open and receptve.
June 12, 2009 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert
Hi Liara .. thank you for interviewing Dyan .. that's really helped me. I've printed it out - so I can look at it regularly .. it certainly sets the scene and gives me a better understanding of the general aspect of these ideas - a great help for me, as I am so grounded .. but will be of great help with Janice, 'our' healer who visits my mother five times a week .. and is a great solace and guider for me .. and with Janice I can explore more when our time comes. From this interview I can 'see' Janice in Dyan ..and presumably you .. and I know and 'see' or 'hear' (by her words, or actions) Janice going to a different place sometimes - which she confirms she does. I find it very interesting.

Thanks - great post ..
Hilary Melton-Butcher
Positive Letters
June 12, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterHilary

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