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What does the medicine man say?

Analysis of dream submitted by Anonymous in Eastern Canada

Dream- A medicine man with colored skin wore a wooden mask and tribal clothes. He hopped barefoot along a series of flat, round stepping stones with a dance to share a message. The stones were set in a line. Then, three clones appeared and veered off in different directions on separate stepping stones. I was unsure if they were dreamweavers (spirit beings sending messages in mental imagery), if this was a glimpse into a past life, or if I was exploring fantasy. One medicine man was more transparent.  He removed his mask and beckoned me to follow.

Predominant Emotions- fear, doubt, courage, love, trust.

Intepretation- Spirit send mesages in dreams. If you sense higher presence, you have good reason. Spirit take whatever form suits their purpose. No symbol is coincidental. They choose imagery, sound and sensations to resonate with deep consiousness. Telepathy is used. Energy vibrates in directions that are not always linear. How you sense energy relates to your level of awareness and attunement to other beings.

Some dream images offer a glimpse into a past life. You can read into metaphors. They evoke things outside immediate beliefs and experience and may alientate you. This said, the main purpose of dreams is to offer guidance for your life now.

The medicine man is known as an emblem for spiritual healing and supernatural power. Shamanism is often relegated to the fringes. Alternative practices, although effective, deviate from widespread cultural beliefs. This raises to the surface reasons for discomfort, fear, approval and negative energy you prefer to ignore or repress. As the result, a series of healing paths are opening to you. While you may hesitate at the crossroads, your soul already knows nothing ever happens unrequested.

Past life dreams aim to bring unhealed feelings to more conscious awareness. These feelings are more important than details of events. If you made certain choices that did not serve you, then you are being given opportunity to request a change in direction to complete unfinished business, that is, another chance to complete a task. You gained a lesson in wisdom.

Masks often portray how you believe other people see you.  They are known to hide one's true self. Its possible you fear others learning your true thoughts, feelings and idenity. To remove a mask is to be willing to love and accept your true self.  Nothing in reality has changed except a decision to heal.

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Reader Comments (2)

Hi Liara, I enjoyed your analysis.

I see the medicine man here as an aspect of the dreamer's psyche, the shaman within, which may simultaneously be a past life character. I agree, the dreamer is being invited to take off his or her own personal mask and reveal one's true soul essence.

Where one shaman morphed into three shamen perhaps indicated that the dreamer was at a cross roads in their life where he or she was being forced to make a decision between two routes. However, the shaman within that was transparent took off its mask asking the dreamer to follow. This to me indicates this was an option or a path that the dreamer had not considered. He was perhaps saying, you don't have to take the other two routes which require masks. They are the path of the ego. Follow my way without a mask, and you will follow the path of your soul. This is your true face.
March 25, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterNatural Moments
Natural moments, through consistent attention and self-acceptance, transmutation of energy enables any dreamer to shift mindsets. As one realizes one does not require the world as it is perceived, one detaches from it, re-evaluates priorities and dissolves misperceptions about identity. One shatters one's own myths. True consciousness only becomes possible when a soul embraces presence, or being, and all this entails. The truth is felt in every realm.
March 25, 2009 | Registered CommenterLiara Covert

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