Retrace the dots & reprogram the mind
Sunday, February 22, 2009 at 3:41AM
Liara Covert in Consciousness, awareness, energy, recovery, reprogram

At any given moment, part of you is asking, "why am I here?" or "what is my purpose?" You are in process of retracing the dots of your life in order to make sense of it the best you can.

Even right now, every choice you make helps you explore reasons for being, thinking, feeling and perceiving. Part of you is interpreting and using energy vibration as a bridge to the next phase of life. Consider these ideas to reprogram the mind;

1) Recover your life force. This has never left you. It patiently waits for you to discern and correct your existing imbalances. You create situations to gain meaningful lessons.

2) Compose yourself. This is a stage of quieting the mind. Consciously breath and explore other techniques to bring mind, body and spirit to a new level of rest and calmness.

3) Discern impulses before they manifest.The mind functions primarily based on accumulated stresses from your perceived past. As you sense the build up of energy in certain parts of your body, you can link sensations back to thoughts in words, feelings and external self-expression.

4) Notice choices. The stress response cycle and emotional roller coasters are triggered by physiology and psychology. Learn to notice your own patterns. Detach fromthoughts and let them go before they manifest. Self-knowledge is power.

5) Listen to your instincts. Natural balance and flow of energy isa baseline that helps you realize when your choices are off kilter. You sense what evokes positive feelings and what feels right. The next step is to stop doubting yourself.

6) Reset your thoughts.Awareness of your thoughts empowers you at a new level. You can transfer self-discipline to the functions of your nervous system. As you learn to sense energy vibration, you can hold and diffuse intensevibration that does not serve you. Shifting focus rechannels energy.

6) Use due diligence. It has been said that effort is required for positive actions to be initiated. You grow to discern what happens to energies based on your responses to the world you choose to experience. Every choice you make offers messages that require attention.

7) Expand your sense of energy. As you move from unconscious to conscious awareness, you deliberately rediscover functions of electromagnetic and subtle energies. They flow along natural pathways and also get diverted. You decide which sensations to feel, when to develop or lose interest, and why to shift your mind away from people or thoughts completely. This is how you reprogram the mind.

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